Slippers and Scarves and Hats…

I can’t tell you how hard it was not to add “Oh my” to the end of the title, and if you added it in your mind then I am certain that you, too, grew up in the age of “The Wizard of Oz” . Of course now days I suppose I could put “OM” at least 90% of you would know what it meant. LOL

All that is beside the point. I really just wanted to show you the crochet projects that I have recently completed. After putting so much time into crocheting the tablecloth last year, I have found that it has become a habit each time I sit down in my recliner to reach for a crochet project.



These slippers are some of my favorites. My husband and I each have a pair to wear around the house in the winter and I always like to have an extra pair or two made up, just in case.


These two infinity scarves are done in a “broomstick lace” stitch. I love the way it looks and it is also a fun stitch to work.



I’m planning on taking these Easter or Spring hats to a spring craft sale to see if I can sell them, except the green one since my sister told me that her Granddaughter, Ava,  (my great niece) “needs” this one.

 Now, ♫ I’m off the see my crochet hook ♪ ♪ (to the tune of The Wonderful Wizard of OZ)



17 thoughts on “Slippers and Scarves and Hats…

  1. Beautiful job, and yes, I too added “oh my” to the end of your title. I love the broomstick lace! That’s one stitch I haven’t yet tried, and I’ve been crocheting for almost 10 years! Looks like I’ll need to get on that. Lol


    1. When I wanted to learn the broomstick lace my husband happened to have an spare handle for a broom or mop in the shed. When I told him what I needed he cut it off for me. I understand you can also use a large diameter knitting needle. I do love the look of it especially when it is done with a variegated yarn.

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  2. I am so blessed that you crochet beautiful things for us. I wear my slippers all of the time and my scarf is definitely my favourite. I was trying to figure out a way to add a pic to the comments of Ava in her Easter hat from last year, but I don’t think it will let me. Anyway thank you for sharing your special talent with us. Love you ❣❣❣

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  3. I love Wizard of Oz. Husband and I loves watching it.. By the way the projects are lovely Ruth! Your grandchildren are very lucky to have you. xxx 😊

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      1. Both of those movies take me back to my childhood. They would come on the TV once a year. When they came on the whole family would gather around the TV, usually with popcorn to eat, and watch them.

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      2. They are Ruth, aren’t they? We do have dvds here at home but we still watch them on the tv when they are on. Beautiful classic stories.

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