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Slippers and Scarves and Hats…

I can’t tell you how hard it was not to add “Oh my” to the end of the title, and if you added it in your mind then I am certain that you, too, grew up in the age of “The Wizard of Oz” . Of course now days I suppose I could put “OM” at least 90% of you would know what it meant. LOL

All that is beside the point. I really just wanted to show you the crochet projects that I have recently completed. After putting so much time into crocheting the tablecloth last year, I have found that it has become a habit each time I sit down in my recliner to reach for a crochet project.



These slippers are some of my favorites. My husband and I each have a pair to wear around the house in the winter and I always like to have an extra pair or two made up, just in case.


These two infinity scarves are done in a “broomstick lace” stitch. I love the way it looks and it is also a fun stitch to work.



I’m planning on taking these Easter or Spring hats to a spring craft sale to see if I can sell them, except the green one since my sister told me that her Granddaughter, Ava,  (my great niece) “needs” this one.

 Now, ♫ I’m off the see my crochet hook ♪ ♪ (to the tune of The Wonderful Wizard of OZ)



Homemade Gifts

I enjoy making homemade Christmas gifts, so this year I decided to make fingerless gloves and matching ear warmers for my 4 daughters and two sons-in-law.

For the girls I used this pattern http://www.beatriceryandesigns.com/2015/02/09/amazing-grace-fingerless-gloves-free-crochet-pattern/   which was a free online pattern. The first pair were a bit challenging, counting and referring back to the pattern for each stitch, but by the time I got to the fourth pair I pretty much had the pattern memorized. I didn’t use a written pattern for the ear warmers. I simply used the same stitches required for the gloves and crocheted them in the shape of the ear warmer. The challenge to this was getting the appropriate size. I experimented on the first one and repeated that for the other three.

I wasn’t going to make fingerless gloves for my sons-in-law because I thought they might be a bit girly, but then I realized that nowadays practically everyone is carrying a phone all the time that requires the use of their fingers for either texting or swiping the screen so the guys might appreciate this kind of glove as well.

For the guys gloves and ear warmers I used a more masculine and simple pattern, and I regret that I did not get pictures of them, but below are three of the girls modeling their Christmas gifts from mom.