To Save The Bees (Part I) Do Nothing

This was originally published two years ago. With readership growing and Spring arriving I thought it would be a good time to repost it. Look for part II and III later this week.

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Recently someone sent me an email which contained this picture. Her comment was, “I thought this was interesting”. Since she thought it was interesting I thought other readers might think so as well.

This is the time of year when people start itching to get outside and beautify their yards, so it’s the perfect time to write about it.  While I think the photo (above) is good, I’d like to offer some other thoughts, ideas and links for reference.

It you have access to pretty much any media source you have probably heard in recent years about the honey bees being in danger. There have been countless stories of mysterious bee die-offs and colony collapse disorder. When we tell people that we are bee keepers, we often get comments about the bees disappearing and people seem to have varying degrees of knowledge on the topic. Disturbing as it is, I won’t go into my thoughts on…

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5 thoughts on “To Save The Bees (Part I) Do Nothing

  1. I just printed and posted this exact same picture on the wall at work a few weeks ago. It was shared on Facebook. Here in Dubai there I quiet a big knowledge sharing piece to be done about bees as we are so many different nationalities and unfortunately a lot of people see bees as infestation.


    1. It really is a global issue. I am glad you are helping to educate people. In the US I think most of the focus is on honey bees because there seems to be a big movement toward bee keeping, but bees in the wild are still often seen as a problem.
      Thanks for your comment feel free to share my posts if you think they could be helpful.


    1. We never took a beekeeping class, but read several books on it and watched some videos on hiving the bees.
      More and more people in our area are getting into beekeeping. We have a bee keepers association in our county. They meet monthly. There is no charge and people learn from others in the group. One of the members also teaches classes at a community college.
      It is fascinating, challenging, frustrating, expensive, and rewarding.

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