I’m Not Gonna Wait To Tell You

I was looking at my blog stats this morning  and this is what I saw – 9891 views, 3994 visitors, from 86 countries over the life of my blog. Wow! Nearly 4000 people have visited my blog. Many of them returning for more than one visit and even signing on as followers. This may seem like just a drop in the bucket since there millions of potential readers of my posts as they are published on the World Wide Web, but to me this is huge.

I thought, “I should do a special thank you post when I hit a magic number, 10,000 views perhaps”. Then it hit me, “why should I wait? What makes 10,000 that much more special then 9891? What if something happens between now and the time that number reaches 10,000 that prevents me from writing or publishing that post? Should not all those individuals who are reading now know how much I appreciate them?”

I decided not to wait, because I really want to say “Thank You” to everyone who reads my blog. Yes, if you are reading this I am talking to you.  Just like with potential readers, there are millions of potential blogs to read on the World Wide Web, so it humbles me when you take the time to read my words. Honestly, even if I did not have readers I would probably use this blog to journal bits and pieces of our life, but knowing that you are reading my posts and like what you read motivates me to keep writing. When you take the time to leave a comment or sign on to follow my blog I can’t help but think that my words matter. To think that you have found value in my blog is a great feeling – it makes me happy, and it inspires me to keep writing.

I would love to return the favor, to in some way inspire you. Perhaps this post can do that. Is there something in your life that you want or need to say or do ? Are waiting for just the right time?  Would you have regrets if you never got to say or do it? If so then why wait for the perfect time? I encourage you to say or do it while you have the opportunity. I believe you will be happy you did – life is just too short to live with regrets.

Until Next Time My Friends – Be Well!102_0895


33 thoughts on “I’m Not Gonna Wait To Tell You

  1. Wow, that’s fantastic! Congrats! I agree with you on the doing it for yourself, even if no one else reads it. I started our blog as a way to document our homestead journey and our life for our kids. My plan is to make a family yearbook publishing the articles that I wrote that year. I’ll probably use a photo book service, and make a copy for each of my children.

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  2. Such a great post. You are spot on to question why is 10,00 more special than 9891. I’m glad blogging brings you joy.

    I try not to wait for “the right time”, as I know that:
    1. the right time never comes.
    2. that something bad prevents me from doing so.

    Thank you for a great “just do it” motivation.

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  3. I feel as though I’m forever ‘waiting for the right time’ for so many things, but you’re so right, why wait? What makes that next little step better than the place you’re at right now? Huge congrats! You also have me as a follower so I’ll look forward to reading more. Happy Blogging! 🙂
    Caz x


  4. How awesome, congratulations on your growing readership. I love how interesting and informative the posts have been. Obviously other people agree.

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  5. Congratulations Ruth – I went for 4 1/2 years with the same subscribers, most via e-mail and people I had known for years, with just two regular commenters, then lost one when she passed away in August 2017. Then suddenly my readership took off last Thanksgiving and people were commenting and I know how good that feels to interact with them and it makes you want to write more doesn’t it? You said it so perfectly and I echo your sentiments.


    1. Linda,
      I am not sure why but this comment ended up in my spam folder. So glad I found it. My story is about the same as yours. I nave been blogging for about 3 years and it was around November of last year when it really took off. It is really encouraging when people comment and really take an interest in your writing. I love to hear that someone has learned something from my writing. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine today. 🙂

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      1. Hi Ruth – I had a few people go to SPAM and didn’t know and felt bad as well, so I’ve been checking every day, but I get quite a few SPAMs that I had to tell WordPress about (20 SPAMs at a time, all coming in the same time, saying “Why?” or “What?”) … had it happen three times. I had the same people for 4 1/2 years, then all the people and it is nice, but hard to keep up sometimes. Sometimes I can pop on here at work, but most of the time I wait until nighttime. Sometimes I check in the morning if I published something the night before. It has been really fun and I am enjoying interacting with people… just like you said, they are from all over the world. Very enlightening.

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  6. Congratulations!! Great job, you deserve it. Your content is very refreshing. I understand just how much work it takes to achieve this. I totally agree with your philosophy as well, never wait, the “right” time may never get here.

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