A Year In Growing Garlic Part (VIII) Garlic Scapes

The garlic scapes are forming and I expect that we will be cutting them next week. If you are not familiar with garlic scapes you can learn more from this post.

Don't Eat It! Soap and Skin Care

It’s time to start cutting the scapes. The music garlic has formed scapes and we want to cut them while they are still young and tender.

What are garlic scapes???

They are the seed heads produced by hardneck garlic varieties. They appear in the spring, and if left to grow they will flower and produce dozens of tiny garlic bubils (seeds). Most growers cut the scape off the garlic plant in order to allow the garlic to put more energy into growing a bigger bulb. If cut early the scapes are tender and delicious. They are said to have the same nutritional value as garlic bulbs, and although they possess a milder flavor when cooked, they are a culinary delight. They are great roasted, grilled, stir fried or used raw in dips, salads and pesto. To discover great garlic scape recipes simply do an internet search for garlic scape recipes or try the pesto…

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13 thoughts on “A Year In Growing Garlic Part (VIII) Garlic Scapes

      1. no. Haven’t played much with pestos… I need too though!! I have been reading more and more about using pesto in cooking and it sounds delicious!

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    1. They really are a specialty item. Hard neck garlic is generally grown in northern climates and they only produce scapes in the spring. I have never seen them in a store but you may be able to find them at a farmers market.

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