Rescue Rooster

I decided to share this post again in honor of Father’s Day. Before you read the original post let me tell you about my dad. My dad is a story teller. His stories may be related to the content of the conversation , they my be told as an object lesson, or they my be just a funny story to make you laugh, but dad always has a story to tell. Anyone who spends a lot of time with my dad is likely to hear a story more than once.
When I was thinking about this I realized that my blogging is much like dad’s story telling except in a different format. I also realized that for my last few blog posts I have reposted articles that I had previous published. Since we have been very busy lately I haven’t had a lot of time for writing so recycling some of my older posts that are relevant seemed a good way to stay in touch, and with many new readers I feel these posts are worth repeating. For the few of you who are long time followers – I apologize for the repetition – but I simply couldn’t resist retelling this story in honor of my dad.
To all of my readers I encourage you to hang in there because I will have some new posts coming soon.
Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Don't Eat It! Soap and Skin Care

We’ve been raising chickens on our farm since 2013. Having a free range flock of egg layers was one of our priorities when we bought the farm and everyone that knows us knows how much we love our chickens. You can read some of my previous posts about chickens here .

Ever since we put our first flock of chickens in the coop our lives have revolved around chickens. Every morning without fail, we (nowadays my husband) open up the coop as the sun is coming up, and provide fresh food and water for the flock. On days that he or we are not working at the farm it is necessary to make at least one, but usually two, midday runs to the farm to check on the chickens. Our presence helps to deter predators. Every evening, after doing a beak count,  the chickens are closed in the coop for the night. If any…

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8 thoughts on “Rescue Rooster

      1. You’re welcome Ruth … I enjoy the stories and backstories that are found on your blog and I am learning things about gardening, chickens and rural life that you often write about in your posts.

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