We Can Dig It


This post isn’t really about sitting on the beach or playing in the sand but I thought I would show you where we spent some time relaxing and celebrating Independence Day. Unfortunately by the time I remembered to snap a picture the beach umbrella had been blown down by the wind.

We decided to give our beach a little upgrade this summer, so when we had the stone delivered for the barn floor we also had a load of beach sand delivered. The sand was dumped on the beach and since we haven’t yet had time to spread it we haven’t been able to sit on the beach.

Yesterday my husband fixed that. He just took the tractor bucket and pushed through the middle of the pile of sand forming a small peninsula of sand in the pond. We then spent the late afternoon swimming and relaxing on the beach. It was a very enjoyable day.

Now what the title of this post is really referring to is our garlic harvest. It started today. If you are not familiar with how garlic grows, it is a bulb that grows under the ground. In order to harvest garlic it must be dug out of the ground. While 7000+ garlic plants may seem like a huge number, it is not nearly enough to be able to afford any fancy planting or harvesting equipment. Thus we dig each individual bulb by hand.


Despite the brutal temperatures today we were able to get one of our three varieties harvested.  We only had two and 1/4 rows of this variety, Red Toch, planted – probably between 1400 and 1500 bulbs. We were thrilled to be able to move them directly from the field into the barn to keep them out of the hot sun.


Once they were all harvested my husband began tying them into bundles and hanging them from the rafters. Our barn was finished just in time and we are so grateful to have it.

While I have several posts that I am working on and would like to publish soon, this really is a busy time for us. If I seem to be MIA for a while there is probably no need to send a search party. If you do, however, decide to send one make sure they bring a shovel. LOL!

Bonus Photo


We are not the only ones who enjoy spending time at the pond.

Thanks for visiting and until next time be well. 🙂

18 thoughts on “We Can Dig It

  1. I didn’t realize the water was deep enough to swim in Ruth. You did just get that barn finished in time. I love the last picture – so peaceful with those deer coming for a drink or a dip.

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    1. At it’s deepest point the pond goes down more than twenty feet, We have perch, walleye, catfish and bass living in it.
      I was so happy I was able to capture the picture of the triplet fawns. I just had to share it. 🙂

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      1. Wow, I didn’t realize that from earlier pictures you’ve posted on your blog Ruth, but I’ve not been following you that long either, just a few months.

        Oh those triplet fawns were just precious. I would not have been able to resist posting them either. Several people have seen deer down at Council Point Park. It is not a heavily wooded area, nor do we have any woodsy areas around where deer can thrive. So, their appearance is an oddity … an oddity I hope to see one day.

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    1. Thank You. Having our pond dug was a costly investment but six years later we feel that it has paid for itself – it is our staycation spot so we don’t spend money on travel – we use it for crop irrigation – it is filled with perch – and attracts bug eating creatures like dragon flies, frogs and toads. It was money well spent!


    1. The sand was lots of fun just putting our feet in it and sinking in as we went into the water.
      We see a lot of mother deer with singles and twins. It’s more rare to see triplets and especially to get them all in one photo.

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    1. A cold front came through last night so temps should only be in the 70’s today. Much more comfortable for working. 🙂 The pond is a blessing indeed.


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