Garlic (Kitchen) Tools – Pros and Cons

While we are on the topic of garlic (if you saw my last post) I wanted to share with you this post from 2015. It is a review of some garlic kitchen tools that I own.
Before you read it I need to let you know that I have tried my homemade coffee soap to remove the smell of garlic from my hands (as I mentioned I would) and yes, it does work.
Thanks for reading.

Don't Eat It! Soap and Skin Care

As you can imagine, as garlic growers we use a lot of fresh garlic at our house. Now I’ll be the first to admit that peeling and cutting, chopping or mincing fresh garlic is not the easiest way to go, but in my opinion fresh garlic is far superior to using garlic powder or even the store bought jars of minced garlic. Therefore I’m always open to easier ways of preparing fresh garlic.

I have a few tools or gadgets that are designed for use on garlic and I thought I’d share what I see as the pros and cons of each.

The first tool that I used is a simple paring knife.

IMG_0555 Paring Knife

I often use a paring knife if I am only peeling and slicing one or two cloves of garlic. I simply cut off the root end of the clove and slip the knife under the skin and once…

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4 thoughts on “Garlic (Kitchen) Tools – Pros and Cons

    1. I Know – it seems as if everyone (who uses garlic) is looking for an easy way to prepare it and there are lots of ideas about what is easy. I included the paring knife because it is all you really need and can be used for so many things. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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