Where To Buy Our Garlic – 2018

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We are pleased to tell you that our 2018 garlic crop is now available at a couple of local retailers.

As of today you can find our garlic at Neiman’s Family Market in Saint Clair, Michigan as well as Purified Water To Go, in Richmond, Michigan. If you shop at these local retailers please be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them supporting local farmers by offering locally grown produce.

I do expect to be adding two more locations to this list later this week so be sure to follow this blog for updates.




12 thoughts on “Where To Buy Our Garlic – 2018

    1. Our local grocery stores generally carry a silver skin garlic that is either shipped from California or Imported from China. They are never labeled as to what variety they are. Most people don’t even realize there are different varieties of garlic. (as many as 600 varieties).
      Last year my we purchased a California Garlic from a local store to do a taste comparison with the silver skin garlic we grow. Honestly our garlic had a much stronger flavor than the one we purchased.
      We grow 3 different varieties – S&H Silver is the silver skin variety, Chesnok Red is a purple striped garlic and Red Toch is a artichoke variety. They all have great flavor.
      Do you have local growers in your area?

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      1. Not local garlic growers. Our garlic is usually imported from somewhere in the U.S., but it dries up quickly, so I usually end up buying the jars of chopped garlic packed in oil because it has better flavour.

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      2. If it is coming from the US my guess would be that it is the California garlic since they are the largest producers in the US. Do you have any farmers markets in your area? You may be able to find some locally grown by small farms.

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      3. Interesting but not too surprising. I remember a few years back when we were on our knees planting several thousand cloves of garlic my husband kept saying “you have to be crazy to be a garlic farmer.” LOL!

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  1. That’s wonderful! I’m so pleased for you and the lucky people who get to buy top quality garlic 😊
    I love garlic but it doesn’t love me back. I haven’t quite come to terms with that yet and keep seeing how far I can push the limits before I suffer for it!

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