A Gift For Addy

We celebrated our Granddaughters first birthday last week.

Meet Addy.


I made her a birthday gift.

IMG_4614This sweater is loosely based off a free pattern I found online. I found the written pattern somewhat difficult to understand. I am thankful there was a video tutorial as I did have to view parts of it for guidance. I added the cuffs and changed the collar and trim to match. I chose lady bug buttons because Addy’s nickname is Ladybug. The matching beret was my own design, having made larger berets in the past I used the same process to make a smaller version.

When I went to sew the buttons on the sweater I discovered that the ladybug antennae threatened to snag the sweater when passing through the button holes.  To prevent this I added snaps on the inside of the sweater, so the ladybugs on the outside are only for decoration.

I would liked to have gotten pictures of Addy in this outfit but by the time gifts were opened and cake was eaten our precious Ladybug was ready for a nap. It was not the right time to expect her to model and pose for a pictures. Instead, as I held her she put her head on my should and closed her eyes and I savored these precious moments. 🙂

Thanks for reading.


32 thoughts on “A Gift For Addy

  1. Aww happy belated birthday Addy!
    I love that sweater, you’ve done amazingly with it! My mum made me a little jumper when I was a baby with ladybird buttons, I still have two of the buttons in my keepsake tin! 🙂

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    1. Hi Makenzie. I am so glad I checked my spam this morning because your comment ended up there. Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s amazing how grandbabies can inspire me to get creative and try new things. 🙂

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      1. My next-door neighbor Marge loved Peeps every since they were only available at Easter. Now they are available lots of other times, including the red, white & blue ones at 4th of July. So, one year my mom made Marge an Easter cake. She made the Angel Lush cake with store-bought angel cake and you mix Cool Whip, a can of pineapple and vanilla pudding together and “frost” the cake with that mixture. So we lined up all the yellow Peeps around the edge like your sister did for Addy’s cake – it brought back memories. Marge took a picture of it and didn’t want to eat it!

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      2. Thanks for sharing your memories Linda. I like peeps as my husband loves them. It seems that Addy also loves them. It was her first time having them and I think she ate two or three whole peeps. LOL.

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      3. Yes, seeing your cake brought back that cake memory Ruth – we didn’t take pictures in those days as digital cameras were not popular. I have bought peeps sometimes for cocoa in the past – try that for Addy when she is at your house and watch her eyes light up! She likely had a sugar high after two or three whole peeps. 🙂

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