Giving Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:18  “ give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

While preparing to host our Thanksgiving celebration this week I have found myself reflecting on all of the things I am thankful for. I have so much to be thankful for I am not sure I could put it all into words. Instead I have put together a small photo journal from this year and thought I would share it with you. I hope you enjoy it.



IMG_4084 (2)












In closing I will share this short story – Yesterday I woke early. It was around 4:30 A.M. when I was wide awake and crawled out of bed. I turned on the computer then the coffee. Scout came to me wanting to go outside. As I opened the door to let him out there was a bright streak in the sky to the east. A shooting star. “Make a wish” I thought, but nothing came to mind. I couldn’t think of anything to wish for. I have all that I want and more than I need and I am thankful.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!







27 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

    1. We really did. We got to have all of the kids here and my dad and aunt. That just doesn’t happen very often anymore so it was a great day to celebrate family. I hope you did as well.!


      1. I am feeling better all the time. We had a small Thanksgiving this year…8 of us-my parents, my sister, a nephew, our son and his wife and our grandson….anytime a grandkid comes it is a good day!


      2. We were blessed to have all of our kids and grandkids this year. It is weird now that they are adults with in-laws and jobs and such I can’t just assume that they will be here for holidays. I agree Grandkids make my day as well.


  1. Well, I think my comment got lost in cyberspace somehow. The post was beautiful and I enjoyed looking at your photos, especially the ones that were before I began following you. The cute little chicks and you (at least I think it is you) preparing to tap a tree were new photos for me. Now I know the person behind the nice words and photos here on WordPress. You do have a perfect life and you work hard but know how to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Ruth.

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    1. Thank you Linda. I am glad you enjoyed the photos and got to know me a little better. We have become fast friends and I forgot that you haven’t been reading that long. 🙂 That is me tapping the maple tree last winter.
      It’s not a life everyone would desire and it has it’s challenges and frustrations but it is the perfect life for us.
      I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving as well Linda.

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      1. Yes, it’s not been all that long at all Ruth. Our appreciate our friendship and it is more than our both being Michiganders … we were raised with the same values and respect for nature.


      2. Likewise for me and yes we have the “‘gander thing going too” … 🙂 At least it was dry weather for this holiday though pretty blustery when I was out earlier. I must tell you that the second pair of gloves that I got (where they have caps that flip back on the index fingers and thumbs) were not working all that well either. I figured I did not need liners since they weren’t totally fingerless – WRONG! I was taking pictures and my four fingertips were frozen. I had wool fingerless gloves last year but the wool got torn up from the velcro inside the pockets of my storm coat … no happy medium, but they did not work so well either as the mitten tops flipped up and you had all of your fingers frozen. I can still send you the names of both styles which I ordered off Amazon if you’d like Ruth. I was waiting to “test out” this pair to tell you which was best. I like the feel of the first pair as they were Isotoners so they hugged your hands better to be honest, but they are more appropriate for late Fall (which of course we are in but they say we have January weather).

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      3. Thanks for the review of the gloves Linda. We do have hand warmers to use along with gloves I think we just have to get better at using them. It is difficult when working outside but we just have to take more breaks to warm up out hands.

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      4. That is true Ruth – but maybe working outside will keep you warmer in general than my merely standing there. I have used the hand warmers and toe warmers before when I took the bus all those years. If you change your mind, these were the Polartec gloves and I used liners in them … I didn’t buy the liners for the heavy gloves they recommended as I thought they might be too cumbersome, I bought a pair of Isotoner gloves and they are very thin material and I can use them underneath … if you change your mind, here is the info below … I am not usually so indulgent for myself but these were Christmas presents to me from me 🙂 … I figured my blog and taking pictures has really become an important part of my life so I indulged myself:
        Heavier gloves:

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  2. That was a beautiful story Ruth. I enjoyed seeing your pictures from before I started following you – your little chicks were sweet and you tapping a tree … I’m assuming it is you, so now I know the person behind the words and pictures here on WordPress. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Ruth.


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