Baking With Sourdough

Now that I have mastered the art  science mystery of baking with sourdough I have to tell you about it. LOL!! I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. The truth is I have nowhere near mastered baking bread with sourdough, and my post about my trials (and errors) of making sourdough bread is still a work in progress.

Fortunately there is more to sourdough than just making bread. What I do have for you today are two recipes that I have made with sourdough that are really good.

The first one is sourdough banana bread. I made this once following the recipe as written but added a half cup or so of blue berries. It turned out good but a bit dry. The second time that I made it I added one more mashed banana and of course added the blue berries. It turned out perfect. 🙂

The second recipe I made today. It is this recipe for sourdough chocolate cake. I made a few changes to this recipe as well – I used melted butter instead of  vegetable oil; I used unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa; and I did not add the espresso powder.

I also decided not to make the frosting that goes with this cake recipe. In my laziness I decided just to put some store bought vanilla frosting on it. However, in his great wisdom, my husband suggested we taste the cake without frosting. Well let me tell you, it is moist (almost brownie-like) with a rich chocolate flavor and even had a little crispiness on the top. Delicious!!! There was absolutely no need to add frosting or anything else to this cake.



As you can tell Trixie is earning her keep and we are most pleased to have her as part of the family.


Now it’s your turn – have you ever had sourdough desserts? Do you have a favorite?

18 thoughts on “Baking With Sourdough

  1. Sounds like sourdough is a learning curve. I’ve never tried making anything with it, but I’m sure I could botch it up spectacularly! Must admit I never thought of it in something like chocolate cake but you’ve made it sound lovely (though I’d still cover it in icing as I love the stuff). What’s next on your sourdough mystery tour?xx

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    1. It is definitely a sharp learning curve though these recipes were much easier than baking a good loaf of bread. Hopefully I’ll get that post up soon (even though I have not mastered it).

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  2. Hello Trixie! Loved your article – sourdough was something I could just never get right. Until now:)

    All the best


    1. Hello Laureen and hello from Trixie as also. I have had some loaves of sourdough turn out good and some not so good so far. I am still looking for answers and when I figure out what work’s for me I’ll be sure to share. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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    1. One of my concerns about growing a sourdough starter was that it would build up and I would end up throwing away a lot of it. Now that I know I can use it in other things I am no longer worried.

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