Nature At It’s Best (Continued)

I just had to do a follow up on my post from last week.

After moving the flat of pansies several times with the nest still intact, on Sunday my husband removed the nest and nestled it securely in the crotch of a small tree in the grove behind the bee hives. When he told me what he had done I was relieved that at least we had not destroyed the nest and all of the work those birds had put in to it. It felt like a suitable compromise to me.

Yesterday he showed me where he placed the nest.


As we looked inside this is what we saw.


How surprised we were. We are speculating that the robin(s) who built this nest had been watching for several days as we moved it around. Perhaps they had even been back to it when we were away. It seems that they too are satisfied with my husbands choice of locations and decided to make it their summer home.

Don’t you just love a happy ending? πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “Nature At It’s Best (Continued)

  1. Oh my gosh- this is so special!! What a picture perfect little robin egg! Thank you so much for sharing, I have only seen eggs like this once in my life, and it is just such a cool experience. I love this story too- so cool how it all worked out!

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  2. What a nice surprise to peek into the nest and see the egg. I wonder if there will be more eggs – they usually lay 3-4. Last year I did a series of posts to follow the baby robins from eggs to hatchlings and to age 13 days (until they unfortunately met their demise on day 13 due to a snake). It was just amazing to me how quickly they went from scrawny hatchlings to starting to look like birds, with bright-yellow beaks and covered in feathers.

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    1. Last count (last night) there were two eggs. It doesn’t take long for them to feather out. Killdeer are the ones that amaze me. They are up and running around in a matter of days. They are the cutest darn things.

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      1. As I remember from my friend’s documentation of each egg, it was one per day and after four the “clutch” is done. I researched the robin practices as to the eggs, and their young. We had a nice time watching them. I have not seen a killdeer personally, but I follow the Detroit Audubon site on Facebook for their local excursions to see where I might go and they had a picture of the eggs, beige with speckles and they had laid them at the side of a paved path at a park, not even in a nest, but in the high grass!


      2. The parents get very upset when someone walks by then they do the broken wing dance to try to lure you away. When the babies start running around the parents follow them around to protect them. It is funny to watch 2 parents try to keep up with 4 babies. LOL. Reminds me of me when the kids were little.

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      3. Ha ha -I will be at Council Point Park the next two days … every park is flooded my way Ruth. I saw pics of Heritage Park in Taylor … they cancelled their volunteer cleanup tomorrow – the grounds and pathways looked like ponds. I was going to go there – not now. I have to be watching for goslings. They usually come out around Mother’s Day as I always try to write about them Mother’s Day week. They are the cutest balls of fluff and the parents are pretty high strung about getting anywhere near them, lots of wing-flapping and hissing.

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      4. Yesterday I was standing on our deck and saw two geese walk up the sidewalk and across the lawn that is across the street from us. I was surprised to see them and they did have one gosling with them. I saw them go as far as the ditch that runs through our park. I suspect that they are nesting near the pond in the back of the park. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to get pictures. I hope you get to see some babies this weekend.

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