Happy Mother’s Day

I didn’t plan on posting anything today until my husband showed me what he discovered next to one of the blueberry bushes.


It’s hard to make out, but there are 4 baby bunnies in this nest. They are only two or three inches long. We left the nest undisturbed and did not touch any of the babies so Momma will come back and care for them.


28 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

    1. Thank you – I did. it was fun seeing the babies in the nest, but we are not disturbing them and since they are in a fenced in area they are less vulnerable to predators. Hopefully we will be seeing them running around in a few weeks.

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  1. How sweet Ruth – I’ve never seen baby bunnies, even in pictures, look at the tiny ears. What a nice Mother’s Day surprise and of course you had to post about these cuties for Mother’s Day and show us this little treasure!

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    1. I think these are the smallest baby bunnies I have seen. My husband was pulling back the leaves that were mulching the bushes and noticed rabbit fur. He realized there must be a nest there so he carefully moved some of the fur and discovered the babies. A few years ago we had a family of them living in our strawberry patch. Those babies were out of the nest hopping around when we found them. Still just as adorable though.

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      1. Sounds like a sweet find – will you be posting on their growth progress Ruth or staying away from that part of the yard until they are bigger? I couldn’t believe how tiny their ears were!


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