Who’s Eating Our Strawberries?

When we discovered that some of our ripe strawberries were being eaten, before we had a chance to pick them, I assumed it was slugs.  Slugs are notorious for invading strawberry patches.  I began saving our coffee grounds separate from the other compost and spreading them around the strawberry plants to deter the slugs. Since I didn’t have enough coffee grounds to do them all at once I wasn’t surprised that I was still seeing eaten berries.

Earlier this week while I was watering garlic and my husband was watering strawberries, he called me over to the strawberry patch. “Want to see some baby bunnies?’ he asked. I grabbed my camera.


There are at least four of them. My husband found their nest, a small hole in the ground, hidden in an area where the strawberry plants are thick. It is well camouflaged as are the baby bunnies. They are very difficult to see until they start moving around.


I can’t say for sure that there are no slugs eating the berries, and I have also found a few bugs which I assume are sap beetles, http://extension.psu.edu/plants/gardening/fphg/strawberries/insects-mites/sap-beetle  but I suspect the majority of the eaten berries are providing yummy meals to these cute little critters who couldn’t care less about the coffee grounds.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Eating Our Strawberries?

  1. The bunnies are so cute but what a nuisance when it comes to the garden! We have a cat that keeps the rabbit population down. We also have a problem with chipmunks (which another cat takes care of. We’ve been so wet this spring that the slugs are really out of control. I’m told ducks will eat slugs, but I’ve also discovered that ducks will eat strawberries!

    Anyway, I came by to return the blog visit and am delighted to have discovered you. Looking forward to reading your series on garlic.

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    1. Leigh, thanks for visiting. Last year when picking strawberries we discovered a frog living in the strawberry patch. We had the most beautiful strawberries last year – no bugs – no slugs. Now if we could only figure out how to train a frog to stand guard in the strawberry patch.


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