My Do-Over

Earlier this week I finished my “do-over” project that I told you about in my “Sisters Day” Post and thought it only fair that I show you the results.

IMG_5973 (2)
                                                               TA DA!

No, it wasn’t really magic. In fact it took me at least eight hours over the course of two days to complete, but I am so pleased with the way this shirt turned out. It is the same pattern as the ones from my previous post, but since the pattern has three different options for lengths of the shirt I opted to make the longer “shirt length” version rather than the “crop length” that I had made before.

This time around I also went with a different type of fabric. This fabric is a performance knit, a type of fabric commonly used for making sportswear. I was a little nervous about using it but found it to be very easy to work with. It is also comfortable to wear.

My next sewing project will be a fleece bath robe, and if life goes as planned (does it ever?)  I will get it started sometime next week.

Thank for stopping by and until next time – be well. 🙂


25 thoughts on “My Do-Over

    1. Thank you. I didn’t think I was either. My sisters have been an inspiration for me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I am finding more and more it is a matter of having the correct machine settings.


    1. Thank you. My oldest daughter went to school for fashion design and I think her biggest frustration was constructing garments as well. She doesn’t work in the field right now because she is full time mom to a 2 year old and 3 year old. She does occasionally create something for the kids though.


    1. Thanks Caz. So far I really like the fabric. It is stretchy but also has good recovery (goes right back in shape). I did prewash and dry the fabric so I don’t expect the shirt to shrink in the wash and the colors did not bleed when washed. It seems like a very durable fabric so hopefully it will last.

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  1. It looks amazing on you ! This picture really doesn’t do it justice. And the fabric is just awesome, its the perfect weight and just so soft and comfy. I am so happy for you . I am finding that sewing is a journey. You just follow along the path trying out different roads until you find what’s right for you.


    1. Thank you Joni. I have always stuck with fleece and flannel because everyone says they are “very forgiving” fabrics. This time I decided to step out of my comfort zone – easier to do it when I have a sister to hold my hand. LOL!

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      1. Yes, for sure with this cold Winter they are predicting with two Polar Vortexes, though I’ve not heard much about that, but we are having an Arctic Blast next Tuesday or Wednesday. Many years ago my mom and I used to shop at Crowley’s in Dearborn. They closed down and went out of business – a sad day for us and we went to one of the first days they had the “going out of business” sale. It was in January and I got this long sweatshirt that goes past my knees, a dark teal color with a penguin holding a candy cane. It is very warm and I have fleece pants that I wear underneath it … that is what I wear in the house all Winter. I sit all day for work, so I’m sitting many hours and not moving around.
        I’m comfy and warm. Last Wednesday the handyman came to do the gutters and repair some cement he forgot to do in the Spring.
        We had those wild winds and I did not think he would be working that day – in fact, it was raining too and I suggested several times he do the job on Thanksgiving (he often does work Thanksgiving morning if weather is an issue and he can’t get his scheduled gutter cleanings done). I thought he was not coming – so I put on that outfit … made my apologies when I had to go to the door to pay him.
        Oh, I have sherpa-lined slipper boots that come up to my ankles so my feet are toasty.
        I like comfort over appearance – it’s just me anyway!

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      2. I agree comfort is most important for me. I probably wouldn’t have apologized to the handyman. I often go outside in my bath robe to take the dogs out or trash out. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think then I realize “I really don’t care what they think.” LOL.

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      3. You are like me Ruth – the older I get, the less I care if people see me looking odd, talking to myself (usually to the squirrels and birds that hang out at the house) and I don’t care. I was “properly dressed” and so were you … I will tell you that I have been walking through the neighborhoods and seen women run out of the house in a skimpy nightgown (or babydoll PJs) to add something to the garbage can at the curb. 🙂

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