55 Things #4 – A Funny Story

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It was a Saturday morning when I was driving with my two youngest daughters to pick up my two older daughters from a friend’s house where they had spent the night. Kara (age 7) rode in the front passengers seat and Lindell (age 4) sat on the bench seat directly behind me.

Along the way Lindell began asking me questions about God. “Where is God?”

“God is everywhere,” I replied.

“Is He in the van with us?”

Yes, He is.”

“Is He sitting right here next to me?”

“Yes, Lindell, He is.”

Lindell seemed content with these answers and the conversation ended as we arrived at our destination.

After retrieving the older girls Kara and Lindell returned to their spots in the van while Tina (age 12) sat next to Lindell and Hanna (age 10) sat in the third row.

My focus was mostly on driving when suddenly Lindell screamed  “MOM!”

I nearly stomped on the breaks  at the alarm in her voice. “What’s wrong Lindell?”

“Tina is sitting on God!”



Nearly 20 years later this still makes me laugh.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


15 thoughts on “55 Things #4 – A Funny Story

  1. That is funny Ruth. I originally started typing “out of the mouths of babes” and saw someone else put this, but it is so true. You may be too young to remember Art Linkletter’s show called “Kids Say the Darnedest Things!” – this would have been a good candidate for that show.

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    1. I was aware of the Art Linkletter show but more familiar with the Bill Cosby version. I think I saw that one a few times. Kids do say some of the funniest things. I think it is funny because it is usually an innocent misunderstanding – they are not trying to be funny.

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