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55 things # 14 – An Earworm

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This song that I haven’t heard or even thought about in ages started playing over and over in my mind on Monday and has stayed with me through the week. It’s not driving me crazy like earworms sometimes do, in fact it is just what I needed this week.

When I looked the song up on YouTube I was surprised to learn that Anne Murray was the original artist. Did you know that?

55 Things # 13 – Mom Turned Upside Down

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Many years ago, when my children were young, and I was a much younger, divorced mother juggling a fulltime job and raising 4 daughters, I had a ring (I am not even sure where I got it). It was just an inexpensive piece of costume jewelry and it had the word MOM on it. I was never sure how to wear that ring. Should I put it on so when I looked at my hand I could read the word MOM, or was it better to wear it so that when others might look at my hand they could read it?

One day while looking at the ring I saw the word “MOM” turned upside down and I read the word “WOW”. I then thought about how many times while performing my “Mom” juggling act I felt like I was running in circles, doing the splits, or turning cartwheels and summersaults. Sometimes it really felt like I was upside down.  It suddenly occurred to me that those were the times that I was really WOW. (Wow is defined as an exclamation: expressing astonishment or admiration.) Juggling in itself is challenging at best but juggling while standing on your head is an amazing feat.

I had planned on writing this post some time during this year and with all things our world is experiencing right now I thought that there might need to be some Mom’s that need to hear this. I am sure that there are many Mom’s out there who feel like they are trying to juggle while standing on their head right now and if you are one of them I think of you and say WOW. I admire you and applaud you.

If you are reading this but are not currently a mom trying to raise kids during these challenging times feel free to pass this message along to someone who is and give her the encouragement she needs and the acclamation she deserves.


My Gang

Thanks for reading and be well.



55 Things # 11 – Beyond Handwashing

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Added 3/20/20: Two days after this post was originally published I can not in good conscience let it go unedited. I am changing it to include this article regarding cytokine storm. It seems as if a strong immune system that I mention below may not be the best way to handle COVID 19. Please consult a medical professional regarding any health concerns you might have.

Original Post: Hello Readers. It seems I am a bit late with this post as up until this point I had been posting “55 Things” each Monday. Perhaps you understand that with everything going on in the world I seem to have lost my focus for a minute. I do however hope to publish two “55 Things” posts this week and that should put me right back on track.

Wash You Hands

If we have heard it once we have heard it a thousand (or more) times over the last few weeks – washing your hands and now coupled with social distancing is the first line of defense against COVID 19. However if this invisible enemy is as powerful as it is reported to be then should we not have something in place in case the enemy penetrates that first line?

Beyond Hand Washing

The good news is that in varying degrees we do. It is called our immune system.

Now before I go any farther let me just say that I am not a doctor or medical professional and nothing that you read here should be considered medical advice. I am however a Mom so I am going to give you the same advice I gave to my kids. Try to keep your immune system healthy.

The following article shares 11 tips for doing so many of which I am personally practicing.

Are you doing anything to boost your immune system?

Thanks for reading and be well.

55 Things #10 – The Moon

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The nearly full super moon was only intermittently visible through last night’s cloud cover. It is the first of three super moons that we will see this spring. The March full moon is also known as the worm moon, named this by Native Americans, since this is the time of year that worms begin emerging from the ground. Learn more about it here.  I attempted to take some photos but since my photography skills’ are lacking they are not nearly as impressive as it seeing it in person.

The following photos are unedited and are posted in sequence as taken. I am not sure what happened in the second photo, but while I would like to think that I captured some stunning other-worldly event, I suspect there is some type of technical explanation.







While the actual full moon will occur tonight (March 9) the thick cloud cover will prevent us from viewing it. I guess I will have to try again in April.

This awareness of the full moon did remind me of a gardening method that we have talked about trying in the past but have not yet done. Since we have not yet started planting, I think this is the year to try planting by the phases of the moon.

This article from explains what types of plants should be planted during each phase of the moon.

  • First quarter moon cycle (new moon to half full) – Things that are leafy, like lettuce, cabbage and spinach, should be planted.
  • Second quarter moon cycle (half full to full moon) – Planting time for things that have seeds inside, like tomatoes, beans and peppers.
  • Third quarter moon cycle (full moon to half full) – Things that grow underground or plants that are perennials, like potatoes, garlic and raspberries, can be planted.
  • Fourth quarter moon cycle (half full to new moon) – Do not plant. Weed, mow and kill pests instead.

The article also says that while several studies have shown evidence that gardening by the phases of the moon can have positive effects there is no actual proof that it does.

In order to at least start planning for planting I found this handy chart which tells the date of that the moon enters each phase throughout the year. Planting season will begin soon. 🙂 Wish us luck.

Did you get to see the full moon? Have you ever planted by the moon?

Thanks for reading.