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Hairpin Lace and Bonus Photos

It seems so long ago that I wrote about buying a loom to make hairpin lace. It was certainly before all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and it wasn’t until after Christmas that I figured out how to use the loom.

For my first project I chose this infinity scarf. The link to the pattern has a detailed video which includes both making the hairpin lace and constructing the scarf. I used a different type of yarn so my results are different from the one created in the video.  I took a few photos during the process to give you an idea of how this works.


To create hairpin lace the yarn is looped around the pegs of the loom and each loop is secured in place by a crochet stitch. On this loom both the top and bottom cross bars are removable and there are holes at various distances so the hairpin lace can be made different widths.

At first I found it quite awkward using both the loom and the crochet hook but after a while I was able to get into a rhythm and it went quite quickly from there.


To remove the lace from the loom I only had to remove the bottom cross bar then slide the lace off of the pegs. While this piece has about 30 loops on each side, the scarf I made had four strips like this each with 240 loops on each side.

After I had all four strips made, I joined them together by slipping five loops of one strip though five loops of a second strip then slipping the next five loops of the first strip though those five loops. This process was repeated though the entire length of the strips and created the braided or rope-like appearance. I didn’t get any photos of that process but it can be viewed in the above video. The edges were finished by slipping five loops of the strip over the next five loops of the same strip and repeating the process along the entire edge.

IMG_6097 (2)

This is the finished scarf. I like the braided effect and can see this process being used to make an afghan, poncho or ear warmer. In fact I have decided to make an ear warmer using this design.

IMG_6099 (2)

This design is one of many ways that hairpin lace can be used, and from the beautiful, intricate items I am seeing made with it, I would guess this is probably one the easier method of using it.

Now for a couple of bonus photos.

My sister KC, the one that has been teaching me how to sew, made me this really cute hat for my birthday.

IMG_6108 (2)

She also made matching bandanas for the dogs. LOL. Her fabric choices were perfect.

IMG_6109 (2)

If you look closely you can see the white fabric has red barns, windmills, chickens and  sunflowers – it’s like this fabric was made for me. The yellow print is filled with honey bees. She knows me well!

What do you think of pets dressed to match their people?

55 Things – #1 Aging

This is the beginning of my series titled “55 Things”. You can learn more about this series here.

This being my birthday-week post I decided to share with you a couple of my thoughts about aging or at least the appearance of aging.

Gray Hair

I’ve earned it! 🙂


This song pretty much sums it up you can click to listen or just read the lyrics below if you prefer.

Diamond Rio
Gettin’ out of the tub all drawn up like a raisin
Showed my fingers to my Daddy while he was shavin’
Said look at my toes Dad what’s wrong with my skin
Will this go away, will I be normal again
Well he picked me up and set me down on the hamper
Wiped off his face while he gave me the answer
For the first time I noticed the lines in his grin
As he dabbed a little foam on the end of my chin, he said
Those wrinkles ain’t nothin’ to be scared of
They’re just a product of time and true love
Some are gonna come and go
Some are gonna come and stay
Son, you’re still young, you’re gonna be OK
Well, I walked down the hall, saw my Mom gettin’ ready
For a long over due date, dinner with Daddy
She was cussin’ those crows feet, didn’t know I was listenin’
Started talkin’ â??bout her younger years
And how much she missed them and I said
Those wrinkles ain’t nothin’ to be scared of
They’re just a product of time and true love
Some are gonna come and go
Some are gonna come and stay
Mom you still look young, you’re gonna be OK
As I get a little older, I’m startin’ to get a few
And I’m sure I gave Mom and Dad at least one or two
We’re all gonna have â??em, there ain’t no doubt
But those wrinkles in life ain’t nothin’ you can’t iron out
Those wrinkles ain’t nothin’ to be scared of
They’re just a product of time and true love
Some are gonna come and go
Some are gonna come and stay
I still feel young, I’m gonna be OK
Those wrinkles ain’t nothin’ to be scared of
They’re just a product of time and true love
© Universal Music Publishing Group, Major Bob Music, Inc. / Rio Bravo Music, Inc. / Castle Bound Music, Inc. / Hanna Bea Songs

My attitude largely stems from the fact that while gray hair and wrinkles are natural and harmless many of the products that are used to cover up or prevent these conditions may contain ingredients that are harmful. They may contain hormone disruptors and even known carcinogens. Not a good trade off in my opinion.

If you would like to learn more about body care products and their ingredients you can find much information at the following website

Thanks for reading. 🙂

New Year New Commitments


Two New Commitments

Maybe you remember from years past that I don’t generally make New Years resolutions, thus it is only by coincidence that these two “commitments” coincide with the beginning of the year.

A Long Term Commitment

The first one that I’ll tell you about is something that people inquired about after we lost Scout in November. At that time I didn’t have an answer when people asked “will you get another dog?”

After several weeks of trying to give Trooper extra love and attention to bring him out of his apparent depression we decided to see if getting another dog would help.


On Monday, December 30 we visited Lapeer County Animal Shelter where this little guy begged and pleaded and warmed his way into our hearts. We brought him home and named him Ranger. We have since been in puppy training mode. He is smart and learned his name quickly. He bonded quickly with me and my husband and is eager to please us. It is just like having a toddler again since he requires constant attention. He and Trooper have not bonded yet but they are working on establishing their relationship and Trooper has become less mopey and more engaged.

There is so much to say about Ranger that I am sure I will be writing more about him in the future. I am going to ask you to bear with me while we are in training mode. As I mentioned he requires constant attention therefore even while I am writing my mind is on what Ranger is doing. If the words “Ranger Down!” or “Ranger Come!” appear randomly in the middle of my post it is simply because that is where my attention was, and even though my husband always proofreads my posts before I publish them hearing or saying these words have become so normal that I am afraid he may overlook them. LOL!

Commitment To My Blog and Readers

This is something that I was mulling over long before we ever dreamed we would be having a “Ranger” in our life and despite the additional time and efforts that I will be putting into puppy training I have decided to follow through with this challenge. This challenge/commitment is to celebrate my 55th birthday. Since my birthday falls on January 5th, just as the year is beginning it is a great time to start. I am going to call this series “55 Things”. It will be in addition to my regular journal type blog posts. I will try to post at least once per week but by the end of the year I will have shared 55 things – short posts that may include quotes I like, music I like, lessons I’ve learned or other things that might come to mind.

We wish you all the best in 2020 and hope you will enjoy for these posts throughout the year.


I gotta go.