55 Things # 11 – Beyond Handwashing

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Added 3/20/20: Two days after this post was originally published I can not in good conscience let it go unedited. I am changing it to include this article regarding cytokine storm. It seems as if a strong immune system that I mention below may not be the best way to handle COVID 19. Please consult a medical professional regarding any health concerns you might have.

Original Post: Hello Readers. It seems I am a bit late with this post as up until this point I had been posting “55 Things” each Monday. Perhaps you understand that with everything going on in the world I seem to have lost my focus for a minute. I do however hope to publish two “55 Things” posts this week and that should put me right back on track.

Wash You Hands

If we have heard it once we have heard it a thousand (or more) times over the last few weeks – washing your hands and now coupled with social distancing is the first line of defense against COVID 19. However if this invisible enemy is as powerful as it is reported to be then should we not have something in place in case the enemy penetrates that first line?

Beyond Hand Washing

The good news is that in varying degrees we do. It is called our immune system.

Now before I go any farther let me just say that I am not a doctor or medical professional and nothing that you read here should be considered medical advice. I am however a Mom so I am going to give you the same advice I gave to my kids. Try to keep your immune system healthy.

The following article shares 11 tips for doing so many of which I am personally practicing.


Are you doing anything to boost your immune system?

Thanks for reading and be well.

14 thoughts on “55 Things # 11 – Beyond Handwashing

  1. Thank you for the helpful tips Ruth … I keep reading a lot about improving your immune system by sleeping more. I know since blogging I have done a lot to harm my health, by staying up later than I should, and staying glued to the computer hours and hours on end. Last Winter I had the issues with my shoulder – frozen shoulder from sitting here motionless on that side, arm crooked in the same position – not just blogging but for work as well. In the Winter of 2018-2019, I could not wear a heavy Winter coat, couldn’t pick up the blanket to move it – I have worked hard to fix the issue without medicine – I don’t want to take pills Now it is sitting too much causing lots of fluid in my ankles … all this for me, a person who has been blessed with good health her entire life. I saw my mom with her many medical problems – how could I not be more careful? All this, coupled with being stationed in front of a computer for work too … I have tried to eliminate this screen time and get to bed earlier. I’ve done better the last month or so, but it’s difficult to change my ways. And drinking lots and lots of water – hopefully that water, which I see was on the list in your article will help. I am glad to work from home, glad to have no one popping by the house – not to be anti-social but not to have angst over germs. I ran a few errands Monday and hope to not have to go out for another 3-4 weeks … I have to go for allergy shots and eventually will need some food. Oh well – stay safe Ruth.

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    1. Linda I think you need to schedule some breaks in your day (15 minutes every 2 hours or so) just like if you worked in an office. Your health is more important than whatever you are doing on that computer.

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      1. I have had to do that after what happened last year Ruth. It was bad last Winter but much better now and I have tried to step away more with blogging to not be here so long, but it is hard to do that as I fall terribly behind then. I’m doing better at pushing away than I did before the problem, that’s for sure.

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    1. Your welcome Michele. From personal experience I would highly recommend keeping an elderberry or elderflower syrup or tincture on hand. Since we grow elderberry bushes I make my own. A few years back I began making my own tincture using the flowers because the birds eat the berries before they are ripe. Now when I feel a cold coming on I make a syrup using a small amount of tincture mixed with raw honey and warm water. Normally my symptoms are gone within an hour. If they start to return later in the day I take another dose. They say there is no cure for viruses but I am a bit skeptical about that.

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