Taking Time Out To Play

Last Monday was the perfect summer day for doing anything outdoors. I started my outdoor tasks mid morning by mowing our lawn at the house. Our weather had been so dry in recent weeks that it had been about three weeks since we had to mow the lawn. Then after lunch, while my husband went to the farm to work in the garden, I returned to the yard to work on trimming and weeding.

I had been working for less than an hour when my husband called. ” Are you married to doing that yard work today or do you want to come out and play?” he asked.

I hesitated briefly because I had weeds and branches laying around the yard that need to be picked up, but I quickly decided they could wait until later. I left my garden tools and gloves on the deck, slipped my bathing suit on then put shorts and shirt over top. I grabbed a couple of cold beverages and my husband was there in about 10 minutes to pick up me and the boys.

When we got to the farm my first order of business play was riding the four wheeler. Last summer I didn’t get to ride at all and I really missed it. This year my husband committed to getting it running for me, so with some help from my son-in-law, he got the carburetor cleaned. He then replaced the air filter and it’s running again. (THANK YOU SWEETIE!) For about 45 minutes I zipped around the back field and down the winding paths that run through the woods on the 4- wheeler. So much fun! πŸ™‚

When I had my fill of riding I decided to go for a dip in the pond. I stopped by the garden, where my husband was having his own fun caring for the plants, to let him know I would be in the pond. I grabbed my innertube, took off my shorts and top and waded into the refreshing water. I spent the next 45 minutes or so floating and paddling around the pond on my innertube. Since the pond is not visible from the garden where my husband was working playing, every once in a while he would yell “Marco” to which I had to yell “Polo” in reply (otherwise I’m sure he would have executed search and rescue operations).

After my refreshing time in the pond it was time to go home and make dinner. When we arrived back at the house my husband said “don’t worry if you don’t get the weeds and clippings picked up tonight. They will still be there in the morning… unless” “somebody steals them,” I quickly chimed in. He laughed and then said “or the Yard Clipping Fairy shows up.” We both laughed at that.

The next morning I found out that I apparently haven’t been good enough the deserve a visit from the Yard Clippings Fairy, but thankfully the weather again was pleasant enough for me to finish the job. πŸ™‚

What recreational activities do you enjoy in summer?

Have you made time to play lately?

24 thoughts on “Taking Time Out To Play

  1. Sounds like a well-deserved day to slack off to one of the busiest people I know. You worked harder the next day after your little respite I am sure. That Yard Clippings Fairy must be on vacation! You’ll remember this day of play when the wind howls and snow flies in Winter.

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      1. That’s for sure – today we were supposed to have two thunderstorms and as of now, 9:35 p.m. Wednesday, nothing. You won’t hear any complaints from me for fair weather, not stormy. Yes, you deserve it Ruth and the Fairy deserved time off too. πŸ™‚

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      2. I just checked on Accuweather for my city – they say rain in 5 minutes. We shall see – hope you get a good rain Ruth. I know we are having a storm on Sunday afternoon as the heat ramps up again.

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      3. That’s what they are saying for us too Ruth, then beautiful through next Sunday. We’ve had strange weather since the Winter. I think they are depending on the models too much rather than just predicting like they did in the past.

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  2. We enjoy our house projects and seeing what we accomplish so much lately that we rarely stop to play. It is awesome when we have visitors because we take a break and go exploring with them. There is so much peace and serenity and beauty here at the house that we are content to stay here and just soak it up. But there is an entire beautiful new world to discover here . We should probably set aside one day a week for a ” play day “

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    1. When you are enjoying those types of projects it is like play. Sounds like you are enjoying retirement and scheduling a play day once a week would be a grand idea. πŸ™‚


  3. It sure sounds like you had a fun day. Made me miss the farm again but only briefly when I remembered some of my 4 wheeler experiences with the machine winning every time. I’ve taken out a fence row with my car so it was no surprise when I ended up in the middle of the garden on the 4 wheeler. Most of the time my son would drive it with me on the back (after I took him out once, chasing him down the fence row screaming “how do I turn it off?”) I think a day off is necessary once in a while if only to recharge your jets. And aren’t ponds wonderful? Your own inground swimming hole.

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      1. It would have been enjoyable riding on the back but my darling son would seek out every mud hole or water hole on the farm and drive thru them. He was protected by the wind screen but I got the full brunt of it each time. I was very tempted to send him back where he came from but realized it would be very painful at that point — he was a teenager at the time. Maybe sell him to anybody who bid high enough. Happy to say he grew up eventually and now owns the farm with his brother.


      2. It’s amazing how those brats can grow up to be such good people. I sometimes end up covered in mud splatters. I just strip down as soon as I get in the house and the clothes go straight in the washer. That’s great that the kids own the farm now.


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