55 Things # 34 – For Dad

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This spring my dad ordered some seeds to grow Teddy Bear Sunflowers. Since he had more seeds than he had space to grow them, he gave me some seeds to plants at the farm. They are now in full bloom and since Dad hasn’t been out to the farm this year I wanted to share the photos of the sunflowers.

These Teddy Bear Sunflowers have a fluffy looking blossom.

Each plant has multiple flowers.

They are a dwarf flower growing between 24 and 36 inches high. While I didn’t get a close up of it, the bees are foraging these just as they do other sunflowers. Thanks Dad! We will have to save some seeds for next year. 🙂

23 thoughts on “55 Things # 34 – For Dad

  1. I have never heard of those as a variant, but l do love the notion of a dwarf sunflower – l have seen a similiar type growing here, so must do some checking 🙂

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  2. I am making a ” things to plant next year ” list . Sunflowers are definitely a must have. I to am wondering whether deer will eat them
    but I guess I will find out next year.

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    1. Making a list is a good idea. The deer didn’t touch these sunflowers this year but I think it might have been because they were planted so close to the hibiscus. It seems to be hit or miss whether they eat sunflowers or not. This year we have seen them grazing a lot in the field next door where the neighbor planted sunflowers. Some but not all have come up. In previous years we have had some planted where deer didn’t touch them.


  3. Wonderful, they look gorgeous. I was just saying to Cee for FOTD who also posted sunflowers today that I would love to include sunflowers in my repertoire next year but I am wondering if the deer eat them. I put out sunflower seeds for the birds and in other locations I’ve lived, I usually get a few sunflowers from ones that drop on the ground but not here….

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    1. These were not fenced but the deer have not touched them. Of course that doesn’t mean that deer won’t – it may be because they were planted by the hibiscus bushes that the deer don’t seem to like. It is so hard to predict what they will eat.


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