55 Things # 46 – For Kara

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27 years ago today my # 3, Kara, was born, so it’s time for her Disney song dedication. While I haven’t seen many of the new Disney movies. Moana is one that I have seen. As my husband and I watched we commented that Moana (the main character) reminded us of Kara. When I mentioned this to her she told me that her she and her sisters all thought the same and I do believe that Moana is her favorite Disney movie.

Happy Birthday Kara! 🎈

And this song is my song choice for her.

I love you Kiddo! 💖

20 thoughts on “55 Things # 46 – For Kara

  1. I didn’t know the first song, but the second one is one I really like Ruth and you may or may not recall that when I did my Mother’s Day 2019 tribute to my mom, I used that song as a tribute to her. Great minds think alike, even in reverse roles Ruth.

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      1. I think we think a lot alike Ruth – I agree it is a beautiful song too … I used it at the very end of that very, very long post. It is always special to find a song to use as a tribute to our loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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    1. She has gone so far already. Growing up she was always timid and shy. She has blossomed as an adult to someone who speaks up, seeks to do the right thing and loves adventures.


  2. “I Hope You Dance” I heard on radio so many years back. I found the CD with a book at a store in the Angel Shop in Lexington, MI and bought for my son going through bad time after he moved to FL. That song is so moving and a wish to all young people in the world.
    Happy Thanksgiving…

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  3. I totally agree with the Kara and Moana pairing. There is a quote by Confucis that makes me think of her ( and I hope I get it right ) ” Everywhere you go, go with all of your heart ” that is Kara. Love you hon, have a great birthday !!!

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    1. Love the quote. She was always so quite and shy when growing up. I remember one of her teachers, Mrs. Christick, I think it was 4th grade, telling me that she had to tell Kara to use her outside voice when speaking because she was always so quiet. She has really blossomed.


  4. Thanks, Ma! I hope you dance was always a favourite of mine and I long to be Moana, seeking every new adventure I can! Especially if it involves the ocean 🌊🖤

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