55 Things # 51 – My Christmas Gift To You – Potato Stuff Recipe

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In 2015, when this post was originally published, was the last time I made this recipe. It was the last year that we had our large family Christmas brunch. (I also had very few readers at that time so it is unlikely that you have read this before.) This year we will be having a small family Christmas brunch so my tradition of making this is being revived. I hope you enjoy the recipe.

I’m wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

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When ever our family gets together we all bring a dish to pass, so all of the cooking doesn’t fall on whoever is hosting the party. Many years ago, I don’t remember how many but it’s probably going on twenty, for our Christmas brunch celebration I began making a potato dish, it became a hit, and I think I have made it every year since. I’m going to share the recipe with you.

Ruth’s Potato Stuff has become it’s name, because after years of referring to it as Ruth’s potato stuff, my sister told me that I had to give it a name. I said “you already did. It’s Ruth’s Potato Stuff because that is how everyone knows it.” (I know, I’m revealing my quirkiness)

Usually I make it on Christmas Eve so that we can have it when we all get together on Christmas morning, but this year we will…

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21 thoughts on “55 Things # 51 – My Christmas Gift To You – Potato Stuff Recipe

  1. Potato stuff sounds awesome Ruth – I’m not much of a cook, but this time of year I do remember all the nice home-cooked meals that my mom made and I just took for granted. I do now appreciate the prep etc. Have a Merry Christmas.

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    1. It’s cooking right now and smells so good. The prep is so worth it for this especially since I don’t do it often. Are you happy about our white Christmas of is it putting a damper on your plans? I hope you have a lovely day!

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      1. It sounded like a “keeper” recipe for sure Ruth. Actually, I’m not happy about the white Christmas as I intended to take a long and leisurely walk at the Park as it was a holiday. I didn’t go yesterday since it was a little too windy (and always windier at the Park and they said gusts of 21-25 mph). They only predicted a dusting of snow for my area and turns out we got 2 inches of snow. When I went out this morning, it was still snowing lightly. No streets were plowed/salted (still are not) so I just shoveled and came inside. I hope it is better tomorrow, but we’re getting more snow tonight/overnight so not feeling too confident about that. How about you – were you pleased with the snow? Thank you and same to you Ruth!

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      2. I thought the snow added a nice touch for Christmas. I think we now have about 5 or 6 inches total. If we didn’t get any more this winter I’d probably be happy. It just seems Christmas and snow go hand and hand.

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  2. Well we know this is my very favorite!!! Has it truly been 5 years?? I think I will reduce the quantity way down for two people and make it to go with our Christmas ham. Here’s hoping next year we can travel back to Michigan for one of our wonderful Christmas gatherings. Love ya !!!

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  3. What a lovely tradition!

    I was the one that always dealt with potatoes, but it was in the summer time. I was given Uncle Walter’s potato salad recipe, so I had to make it for all the summer gatherings. I started, like you, with pounds of potatoes.

    Your potato stuff sounds marvelous. We must try it.

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    1. Thanks Anne. I make potato salad based on my mom’s recipe. I did change it up though and use our favorite mayo 😉 instead of the salad dressing my mom used. It is always a hit at family picnics.
      I hope you do try it.

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