55 Things #54 – It’s Been One Year

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🎈 Today we are celebrating.🎈

It’s been one year since Ranger joined our family.

Looking at this picture I was tempted to write a Dr. Seuss-type blog

about a dog near a log

being snug on a rug

or a pup with a cup

using a straw with his paw.

Do you think this is even legal for a beagle to drink? (Wink wink.)

But these words are absurd.

They’re quite over-the-top

so I will just stop.

I’ll just ask for a round of cheers

and toast to many more years.

Hear! Hear!

16 thoughts on “55 Things #54 – It’s Been One Year

  1. Very cute Ruth – it made me smile in this year with so few smiles. Ranger looks relaxed, debonair and just chilling with his drink … he is trying to decide if he is the lucky one or you all are by his presence, but he has decided he is one lucky dog!

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    1. Thanks Linda. Ranger does like to lie in front of the fire but when I noticed him with the cup in front of him it looked so funny I had to get a picture. One of the grandkids had left their cup there. It wasn’t intentional but just a funny sight to see. I’d say we are all lucky. This arrangement has worked out well.

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    1. Your comment made me smile. It’s a good morning for us both. The photo was not staged – just a sight that I noticed that made me laugh and grab the camera. (One of the grandkids had put their drink down near Ranger)
      Keep smiling!

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