Word of the Week – Week 7

Hello My Friends and welcome.

Our word of the week is Always. Merriam Webster has 3 definitions listed for the word Always. They are: 1. at all times invariably, 2. Forever, 3.at any rate in any event.

I can’t help but wonder how the events of the past year have changed or will change the use of this word. So many things that, always (using the first definition) happened, suddenly came to a halt.

The person who always got to the office early to start their work day could no longer go to the office. The school bells that always rang at 8:00 a.m. to signal the start of classes were no longer heard. People who always went to church on Sunday could no longer congregate. Holiday gathering that always took place didn’t and the person who was always smiling wasn’t. We will be hesitant to think in terms of always?

Perhaps it will be more commonly used in terms of the third definition. The person who can’t go to the office can always work remotely; the children who can’t attend school can always attend virtual classes; if we can’t hold regular church services we can always have them online, and she can always wear a smiley mask. But are these thoughts or statements even accurate? Should we feel secure that some of the these new methods of doing thing will Always work.

I don’t know. These are just some of my thoughts as I read the definitions of this word.

The real reason I selected this word is because it is a word that my husband and I have used often. It is the second definition, forever, that we use and we use it to affirm our love and our commitment to our marriage. This week as we start into our 15th year of marriage I thought I would dedicate our word of the week and the rest of this post to my husband.

This small sticky note is attached to the calendar in our kitchen. It reads “Always Remember I Love You! :)” My husband left this note for me in December 2014. Each year as we hang a new calendar we attach this note to it.

A couple of songs dedicated to him.

This beautiful print that he bought me years ago hangs in our bedroom and although it doesn’t use the word Always the sediment is clear.

Happy anniversary sweetie. I Love You – ALWAYS❣

27 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Week 7

  1. Dear Ruth – your husband is sentimental, sweet and obviously a keeper. This is an uplifting post, considering it is so easy to fall into an abyss when we think of the things we had just a mere year ago and what we have now. For me, it is not all that different of a way of life, as I am by myself, was working from home, but the scary thing to me is that the simple things aren’t simple anymore. You must think every time you go out of the door. I’ve been kind of sequestered at home, straying only to walk, but come Spring, I will need to do some things and interact with others, something I’m already dreading. This pandemic will not be ALWAYS but it sure seems like it.

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    1. He is a keeper for sure. 🙂 I don’t really got out in public a lot but that’s not really something new but I guess I have adapted to the way it is. It’s not really that bad but sometimes you can just tell that people are weary. Personally I am tired of the phrases ‘uncertain times’ and ‘unprecedented times’.

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      1. Yes he is. I’ve not been out in the public much since working from home, but it doesn’t bother me. Being a homebody is something I’m comfortable with and walking in parks is fairly “safe” – it is those phrases which cause angst and worry. Because I don’t have family or extended family to interact with, I just worry about going on errands/store but I have a few weeks until that has to happen.

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    1. Thank you Michelle. My husband and I wrote lots of letters in the early part of our relationship. He sailed great lakes freighters and was gone for weeks or months at a time. We both still have the letters we wrote each other. That little note he left me the last time he was going to work on the boat. I sometimes think those letters might make a good book.
      Crazy how quickly 20 years goes by isn’t it?

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  2. What a nice post. I like the fact that you re-use the sticky with every new calendar. And the print is beautiful.
    Happy Anniversary! May your lives be filled with love always.

    As far as the usage of the word “always” goes, I think we won’t really think twice. Language has become something we pay little to no attention to.


  3. Not to be depressing but I think “always ” might be a word for the young. The older I get the more life has shown me that “always” does not exist in reality the way it does in my heart. And that’s ok, because it makes me appreciate blessings that much more when I live with the reality of nothing stays the same forever.

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