Word of the Week – Week #8

Hello and welcome.

This week our word is Menagerie. According to Merriam Webster menagerie means:

1a: a place where animals are kept and trained especially for exhibition

b: a collection of wild or foreign animals kept especially for exhibition

2: a varied mixture

They also note: “Back in the days of Middle French, ménagerie meant “the management of a household” or farm or “a place where animals are tended.” By the 1670s, English speakers had adopted the word but dropped its housekeeping aspects, applying it specifically to the places where circuses and other exhibitions kept show animals. Later, the word was generalized to refer to any varied mixture, especially one that includes things that are strange or foreign to one’s experience.”

Menagerie is a word I’ve used a few time in recent weeks to describe our household and it’s members. Before January of this year the term had never crossed my mind, but it was sometime during that month that Peanut came to stay.

You may remember Peanut, the cat, who had become a regular visitor at our farm over the past couple of years. Well in January my husband and Peanut decided that outdoors and out-buildings were not suitable winter accommodations for him. So with some rules in place (which he mostly follows) it was decided that he could reside in our home.

Meet Our Menagerie

15 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Week #8

    1. Peanut tends to do his own thing (I think most cats do) but I don’t consider him and introvert. He is always happy to sit on any lap that will have him and he will follow people around meowing until he gets picked up or petted. He really does love people.

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  1. Welcome Peanut. Over the years we have been blessed with an ongoing menagerie. Inside and out, house pets and farm animals have all held a place in our hearts and lives. Now retired to the mountains surrounded by amazing wildlife , we have been trying to learn to live and share their home with with them. Humans can benefit so very much from time spent with animals ( and nature) I personally feel it soothes my soul

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    1. Your place was always a menagerie with so many different animals you provided for over the year. We also try to respect the wildlife that lives on our farm. I wish everyone realized the benefits of them and the importance of their habitats.


    1. Come to terms is a good way to describe it. I don’t think either has more rules. The rules have been tweaked for the cat. Ranger had to learn not to put his feet on the counter and Peanut is not allowed to get on the counters or table. None of them are allowed to sleep with us. The dogs have to do their business outside and Peanut has to use the littler box. The dogs had to learn not to chew on the furniture when they were young. Peanut is learning (we hope) not to scratch the furniture. It’s pretty much equal except I don’t let Peanut sit on my lap because he likes to use his claws to knead the lap of the person he is sitting on. Ranger is welcome to sit on my lap.


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