Word of the Week – Week #9

Hello and welcome.

This week our word is anticipation. The Cambridge Dictionary defines Anticipation as the feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen in the near future.

I am confident that I am not alone in my eager anticipation of the arrival of spring. The blue skies and sunshine coupled with warmer temperatures have fostered these feelings, and the 10 day forecast is compelling evidence of an early spring. 🙂

To further fuel my excitement, yesterday I spotted daffodils emerging from their winter slumber. BRING ON SPRING!!!

Here’s a link for all you music lovers out there. Surely I’m not the only one who thought of this song when I said/heard the word.

Thanks for reading.

25 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Week #9

  1. Wow, your daffodils have really sprouted and pushing toward the sky Ruth! I’ve not seen anything but Snowdrops (the same poor Snowdrops that pushed through in January, then were smooshed bigtime by that first snowfall on February 4th). As soon as I saw the word I thought of Carly’s Simon’s song, which I love, and the ketchup commercial which plays part of her song while waiting for the ketchup to come out of the jar. 🙂 Do you remember that commercial? If not, here it is:

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      1. I always liked Carly Simon – had an album of her biggest hits and I probably still know the words by heart. It was for Heintz … two kids pouring ketchup on their hamburger in slow motion. It reminded me of the kids in the Life Cereal commercial with “Mikey”. 🙂

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      2. Loved that commercial. I don’t have a TV so don’t see commercials anymore. I watch the Super Bowl commercials every year and can’t say I am all that excited about them. I like Budweiser horses commercials but they eliminated them this year. The others are kind of modern for me.

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      3. I don’t have TV but have been watching things online by streaming it (Joni and I watched “All Creatures Great and Small”, a 7-week series on PBS … no commercials, but hard to understand the British accent sometimes). I hear a ton of commercials all day long on WWJ AM-950 radio station. Some drive me up the wall.

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      4. I read them too a while ago and really enjoyed them. The miniseries was good once I got the hang of their accents. James Herriott’s character was played by a Scotsman, the rest were Brits. I enjoyed it and hated to see the end of it and they will have a second season next year. I know you can’t see this season now that the series is done without being a member, but if you’d like to see the players, I’m going to send a link to the YouTube that shows them all. Will send it separately as it may go to your SPAM filter.

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  2. Great oldie! I have some green tips coming up too – I’m anxious to see the 80 bulbs I planted last fall! I also saw two little yellow spears which I think might be crocus!


  3. Spring has definitely been fueling my anticipation of its arrival. It has been teasing us with glorious days . The daffodils , crocuses and tulips I planted in the fall are all peeking through the ground. I’m excited to see color again. While I was walking I spotted some bluebirds. And there has definitely been more activity on the trailcams. I think all of nature may be catching spring fever .

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