Word Of The Week – Week # 12

Hello and welcome. I’m running a bit later than I hoped with our word of the week . Maybe we should just blame it on spring fever.

Our word for this week is Moment. Merriam Webster has several definitions for this word but I am only going to share the first one – the one I am going to write about. (click the link for the other definitions)

Definition of moment

1a: a minute portion or point of time INSTANT

b: a comparatively brief period of time

Growing up I learned the importance of taking one day at a time but in recent years I’ve been learning to break those days down even more – to live in the moment. What I love about living in the moment is that it is not an exact amount of time. A moment can be a few seconds or a few minutes or even more. It can encompass whatever is happening at the time. One of the great things is that if I find myself upset, angry, frustrated or experiencing anything else that might make it a bad day it generally doesn’t last that long. I can take a moment and deal with it and move on. It doesn’t have to ruin my whole day.

On the other hand when life is good I need to remember to slow down and think about what I am experiencing. I need to realize the value of and appreciate all of the precious moments.

Today I am wishing you a day filled with beautiful moments.

29 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Week # 12

  1. We don’t appreciate those magical moments enough. A glimpse of a new bloom, the first butterfly of the season, the sound of a child’s laugh (even if it’s over the phone). Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. Spring is a perfect time to learn to embrace living in the moment. It is when we appreciate the small things, a tiny flower peeking through the last trace of snow, a bud on a tree, even the Robin who sits on the tree outside your bedroom window and wakes you up every morning. 🙂 It’s the little things that intensify the good moments in our life and we need them having now gone an entire year since this COVID crisis began.

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      1. I remember you telling me about the robins in the tree by the bedroom … they like to sing and loud. Behind my bedroom window on the cement ledge and since it is under the patio awning it remains dry in rain/snow. The birds line up there and mumble to themselves early in the morning. Sometimes on a raining-hard morning when I know I won’t be walking (especially on a work day) and could sleep in, there they are, “the mumblers” making their birdie noises. 🙂 I did see robins most of the Winter this year … not sure if I saw them during February as it was so cold and snowy.

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      2. Maybe the ground is not warm enough to retrieve worms? It sure was ugly today. I thought I’d get a walk in mid-day or afternoon, though I prefer the morning, and then it was 30 mph winds. I stayed inside and did two companion posts on my visits to the new Wildlife Refuge. I kept putting this on the back burner.

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  3. HI,
    I to can move on in a instant because it can lead to much thinking which could make the situation feel even worse. I have 3 grown sons but nothing ever stops me from worrying about them. Since their men I don’t hear from them as I would a daughter so no news is usually good until I hear different. So in a instant I can overthink about them and usually turn that instant into a warm thought. I’m always ready in an instant to answer and text or call too! As a single mom have had to change my situations in an instant just to get by, I survived.
    Love you crocus flower, I need to get some even though I have tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers.

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    1. I have grown daughters and understand the worries and how dwelling on that makes things worse. I have to turn them over to God. I know he is there when I can’t be.
      I planted the crocuses a few years ago. The first year none came up. Last year a few came up. So far I’ve only seen this one this year. I think I want to plant some more. My daffodils are up but not flowering yet. It’s nice to have early flowers. 🙂


  4. Learning to enjoy the moment is a special gift. The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet. It is a special blessing to be able to enjoy our life moment by moment, and realize we are exactly where we are meant to be.

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    1. It does take practice and being mindful. I’ve had an easier time applying this in those “bad” times. Somehow the good times seem to get away from me more.


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