Word of the Week- Week #13

Hello and welcome.

If you know me or have been following my blog for very long you probably know that spring is my favorite season and it has dutifully arrived here in Michigan. (Cue: Happy dance.)

The first day of spring is also referred to as the spring equinox so I thought we would take a look at the word equinox.

Merriam Webster defines equinox as:

1: either of the two points on the celestial sphere where the celestial equator intersects the ecliptic

2: either of the two times each year (as about March 21 and September 23) when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are everywhere on earth of approximately equal length

It goes on to tell us “Equinox descends from aequus, the Latin word for “equal,” and nox, the Latin word for “night”—a fitting history for a word that describes days of the year when the daytime and nighttime are equal in length. In the northern hemisphere, the vernal equinox marks the first day of spring and occurs when the sun moves north across the equator. (Vernal comes from the Latin word ver, meaning “spring.”) The autumnal equinox marks the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere and occurs when the sun crosses the equator going south. In contrast, a solstice is either of the two moments in the year when the sun’s apparent path is farthest north or south from the equator.”


7 thoughts on “Word of the Week- Week #13

  1. Spring is bursting forth with color here in the mountains. We have had alot of rain and wind but the nice days are absolutely glorious. It feels so good to dig in the dirt again. My brain is racing with garden plans .

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    1. We have had much wind and finally (last week ) got some rain. It’s snowing and cold today but it’s not gonna last long. I can’t wait to get my hands and feet in the dirt. 🙂


  2. Spring is great here in Michigan – we wait many months to fling off our jackets, walk bare-headed and without gloves again. We won’t talk about this little return to Winter Michigan is having tonight though will we Ruth!

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      1. Yes Ruth … but a cold bump! I left the house and it was already cold and windy but the sky was blue and puffy clouds. Halfway to the Park (a one-mile walk), a dark black cloud passed overhead, the wind picked up, snow was swirling around my feet and down the street and it started snowing and then ice pellets. Not nice at all and I got soaked from the snow showers. Just kept going and it stopped about 15 minutes later. Mother Nature’s idea of an April Fool’s Day prank I guess.

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      2. My husband hurt his back yesterday so I had to take the boys out for their walks today. The afternoon one was even colder/windier than the morning one. Tomorrow will be better and the weekend should be nice. 🙂 When you have a chance check out my April Fools’ Day post. I think you will like it. 🙂

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      3. Hope your husband is doing better today Ruth. I saw some pictures of the Tiger’s game and Miggy’s home run with the snow coming down. I didn’t realize it got worse after I came inside. I heard it will be 70 for Easter Sunday. I will go see your post now; I was just leaving to go to Reader … I am behind a day and a half there.

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