April Fools’ Day

It was still dark when I got up this morning but the blanket of white snow that covered grassy areas was noticeable as I glanced out the window. As I poured my coffee I noticed the calendar needed to be changed. Today we begin a new month – April 1st – April Fools’ Day. I was flooded with memories of years past.

I’m really not much of a prankster but when my kids were growing up there was one April Fool’s Day joke that I repeated on several occasions. I drove the girls to school everyday and they were always expected to be ready on time. On days when travel time might take longer I would wake them early to alert them of what time we would be leaving. To prank the girls on April 1st I would rush into their bedroom before they were up and wake them by telling them that we would need to leave early because it was snowing like crazy or we had gotten significant amount of snow over night and I expected that it would take longer than normal to get them to school. They would jump out of bed and as they looked out the window I would spring it on them “April Fools!” I would laugh and they would likely start plotting their revenge or planning how they would prank others throughout the day.

I don’t think any of the girls fell for this more than twice. Any further attempts were met with things like “nice try Mom”, as they pulled up the covers for another 10 minutes in bed. I still laughed at their reactions – until the year that the weather played the ultimate April Fools’ Day joke. The snow that had begun in the early morning was still coming down as I started my day. We would have to leave early to get them to school on time. When I announced this to the girls I was met with what had become the normal resistance “Yah, right, Mom.” They were having none of it and I couldn’t blame them. I was the proverbial boy who cried wolf. Lesson learned!

Are you a prankster? Have you ever played a good April Fools’ Day joke on someone? or had one played on you. I’d love to hear your stories.

22 thoughts on “April Fools’ Day

  1. We’ve actually never played any April Fool’s pranks on each other. But I called an applicant on Thursday to tell her she got the job and her reaction was “Really?! This isn’t an April Fool’s Joke, right?” As if I would–what kind of person would that make me!

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    1. Sometimes we watch a show called Just For Laughs. It is all different types of pranks played on unsuspecting people in public. Some are very funny but I find some disturbing and feel maybe the go a little to far.

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  2. One of my favorites was pickle juice in the mountain dew bottle. Chris took a great big drink. He swears it wasn’t funny but it really was.

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  3. I am a great one to prank, I believe everything. I can remember when we were young Dad had me searched the sky for the longest time for some airplane he said he could see flying over . Lol, I am a pretty easy target.

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  4. It has been years since anyone has tried to fool us on April Fool’s Day. I’m sure we went through the motions back then, but I doubt anyone was fooled for more than a few seconds. I enjoyed your snow story.

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  5. Ha ha – I’ll bet they never doubted your words again Ruth! My mom pulled her spider joke on me so many times, that I said “how can I fall for this every year?” I’d be talking to her and she’d say “there a spider on the ____________; get me a Kleenex and I’ll go kill it.” I’d bolt for the Kleenex or a paper towel and rush it over and she’d smugly say “April Fools!” Back in the mid-80s, my mom and I decided to change the siding color on the house. We called Alside and the rep called the house on March 31st to confirm the appointment. He had just moved here from Texas. My mom said “well, you’re welcome to come tomorrow, but the weatherman says we’re having a significant snowfall, so you may want to make it another day.” The guy says “I’ve never seen snow, but it will be April – surely it won’t snow that much.” We got more snow than predicted and he cancelled until the following week. πŸ™‚ I think of that story every April 1st, especially today with this morning’s snow.

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    1. It’s funny that you fell for the spider every year but the last thing you would want is a spider crawling around in the house better to be thought a fool I’d say. Well that guy had a lesson about the weather in Michigan didn’t he. You just don’t know what to expect. LOL!

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      1. My mom would say she could not believe I fell for it every year. One day I was sitting on the floor cross-legged and my mom was French braiding my hair. I could never French braid my hair because it was cut in long layers so it was not easy to keep the various lengths neat, so my mom would braid it. She pulled that stunt and you never saw someone scramble off the floor so fast … she was mad as she had to start over again. πŸ™‚

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