Word of the Week – Week # 21

Hello and Welcome.

I know it’s late in the week but as they say better late than never. Our word this week is memorial.

Meriam Webster defines memorial as:

1: serving to preserve remembrance COMMEMORATIVE

2: of or relating to memory

Monday is a national holiday here in the U.S.A.. It is Memorial Day – the day dedicated to remembrance of those who have died fighting in our nation’s wars. This link offers a history of how this holiday came to be. In recent years memorial day celebrations have encompassed the weekend prior to as well as the last Monday of May, making it a three day weekend. It has become know as the unofficial start of summer and many celebrations include recreational activities such as picnics, boating and camping. However you choose to celebrate I do think it’s important to at least pause and reflect on why we are able to enjoy such activities.

“Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.”

– Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Note: My sister sent me the photos she took this Memorial Day morning. She tagged them “Beautiful morning. Grateful hearts.” They were a perfect addition to this post. Thanks! J.B.

15 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Week # 21

  1. You too have written of the significance of Memorial Day. It is a time to honor our war dead and I cringe when I hear the fireworks going off in the neighborhood the entire weekend … it is like that every Memorial Day weekend anymore. I worry the significance is lost these days. That is a good quote by FDR.

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    1. We have the fireworks all around us too. I think that quote rings true because with each generation we are farther removed from the actions that were taken, the suffering and loss of life that earned us the freedoms we enjoy.

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      1. Yes and each year it is a smaller gathering of those veterans … this year very few gathered on the beaches of Normandy. We must never forget. I am not American as you know, but I hope people will always be mindful of the reason behind this holiday. It is like the phrase about “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Hope you are getting some needed rain in your neck of the woods Ruth. We had a storm around 4:00 and I was worried with the heat spikes it might be volatile – some did lose power, but I remained unscathed thankfully.

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      2. We got a soaker yesterday and I was happy as I’d done some watering in the morning … we got a little rain this afternoon too, but I understand it was hit or miss. Hope you were a “hit”.

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      3. Believe it or not we were at the house yesterday afternoon when we had a good heavy rain come through. As it was pouring down my husband decided to go to the farm to check out the rain there. He said as he traveled to the farm the rain stopped maybe 100 feet or so from our property. He said he drove it three times (in and out of the rain). He couldn’t believe what was happening. It went from pouring to nothing – like stepping over a line. He kept waiting for it to get there (our property) and it never did. After the storm came through there was about an inch of water in a coffee can I had sitting on our deck. So close but yet so far…


      4. That’s awful – sadly, that’s where you need it the most. I have a ladybug with a glass tube, just a simple rain gauge too and I know I heard rain, but nothing was in it this morning. It’s a narrow tube, so I can’t see it evaporated. Parts of Michigan they are saying are now in severe drought. At least it will moderate as of Sunday/Monday, for a few days anyway. It’s unbelievable as we’re not even in “official Summer” yet.


      5. I think that there farm would be considered severe drought. The pond at the lowest level it has been since it filled up in 2013. It will be nice to at least turn off the A/C for a while and open the windows.


      6. There is rain tomorrow and that is widespread (or so I’ve heard by two different weather forecasters) so I’ll keep my fingers crossed it is a good rain for you Ruth. We are still in Spring for goodness sake … I don’t remember having this much heat this early in the year … worried what happens in August, the traditional Dog Days of Summer.


      7. We are praying that we get some of that rain tomorrow. We heard next week is supposed to be dry. Only time will tell what the rest of the year brings. I’m trying to stay positive. 🙂


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