Hidden Pictures

Who’s hiding in this picture?

Can you see it?

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How about here?

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There it is. Isn’t it cute?

This baby deer spent 3 days hanging out in the area around our barn. When my husband first encountered it he or she was lying on a stack of lumber that my husband had left on the porch of the barn. We were inclined to think that it was abandoned, or more likely orphaned, because of it’s close proximity to the barn where we spend so much time. Also because it was there for so long. After those three days it was gone, so it now seems as though momma came for it, and more than likely it is now tagging along behind her.

29 thoughts on “Hidden Pictures

    1. Based on the timelines of when the two photos were taken this is not the same baby. Momma’s only leave the babies for about the first two weeks then the begin teaching them to forage. It may seem surprising to see two different fawns but where we live we have a large deer population. It’s not uncommon to see 20+ grazing in a field. During the months of May and June I would guess that there were probably at least 20 babies born within a half mile (.8K) of us and we have had close encounters with 6 or more.

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      1. Hey Ruth, oh right. I used to live in large deer population territory – not anymore. Lots of bambis around you then ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Hey Ruth, yes they can be – seen as delightful by many and yet vermin by others again. We have the same issues here with much of the wildlife too ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. When I noticed it there I grabbed my camera and slowly worked my way around because I thought it might run off. It didn’t seem the least bit bothered by my taking pictures of it. A perfect model.
      I wasn’t sure if others would notice it in the pictures – it was hard to judge because I knew it was there.

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  1. Awe, their just the cutest. So glad it probably found itโ€™s mom. Now if we could really change other pet problems with moms and babies, like dogs & cats that are strays or abandoned.

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    1. I’m guessing it was less than 2 weeks old because they say for the first two weeks a mother deer will leave the baby hidden for long periods of time but will stay in an area near by. She does no want to attract attention to the baby since the baby can not run fast enough to escape potential predators. She will return for brief periods to nurse the baby and may relocate it. After two weeks the baby begins to learn to graze and follows momma.
      It was a relief when we saw no signs of it for several days because it would not have survived without her.

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    1. I took the series of photos because I wasn’t sure if I would scare it off if I stood directly before it snapping pictures. It didn’t seem to mind though. Apparently it didn’t see me as a threat.


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