Word of the Week – Week # 28

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Our word for this week is Reminisce.

I was quite disappointed in Merriam Webster’s definition since it only said: the act of reminiscing (to find out more I would have to click on the word reminiscing) so I went to the Cambridge Dictionary where I found this definition for reminisce:

to talk or write about past experiences that you remember with pleasure.

This past week my husband had a box of Good & Plenty candies and offered me some. As he did we began talking about Choo Choo Charlie from the TV commercial that used to advertise Good & Plenty’s. Neither of us remembered the tune but my husband mentioned a girl in the commercial that I did not remember, so he went to his computer and was able to pull up the commercial.

After listening to the jingle a few time my husband sang it the rest of the evening. Since then at random times one of us will sing “Charlie says” to which the other replies melodically “Love my good & plenty’s”. Then we laugh. It’s just a fun little memory that can brighten our day.

Do you like Good & Plenty’s? Are there any TV commercials that bring back fond memories for you?

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26 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Week # 28

  1. I didn’t actually remember that song but can imagine how much fun it would have been. When my daughters lived at home the rule was no one left the kitchen after dinner until clean up was done. So the three of the would split up the cleanup chores and sing Disney songs as they cleaned. It was really cool.


    1. Still a catchy tune even if you don’t like Good & Plenty’s.
      When I was in school and we had to define vocabulary words we were taught that you could not use any form of the word in the definition. ( I guess the rules have changed. )

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  2. That was a trip down memory lane! I didn’t like Good and Plenty as I didn’t care for licorice that much, but I do remember the catchy song…..and the Faygo commercial above, and the Oscar Mayer one too.


    1. I’m sure a lot of people walked around singing the song even if they didn’t like the candy. I wonder if some of these companies should bring back some of their commercials that peopled loved. Nostalgia as a marketing tool?

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  3. I remember that commercial word for word Ruth … it was catchy for sure. My parents really restricted me eating any candy, so I know what they are, but never had them. We were from Canada and my mom used to like the Licorice Allsorts, which are really similar. All those great jingles from back in the day and one time I found a site on YouTube for all old commercial jingles by decade and spent an evening listening (and singing to them). I used to eat Fluffernutters when I was a kid and this jingle:

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    1. I think a catchy theme song is great advertising – when people will walk around singing about the product without even thinking about it. Those fluffer nutter’s seem like they could be dangerously addicting. LOL!

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      1. Yes, it was and have you seen or heard any stories about Oscar Mayer recruiting people to drive the Wienermobile to drive around the country spreading cheer? It’s actually a pretty lucrative job! LOL!

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      2. When I was young and single I probably would have liked a job like that. Not any more – Now I don’t like driving in heavy traffic and I really don’t even like to travel.

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      3. I think it would be a fun job too and I don’t like to take the expressway, as I mentioned to you before. (Even more so now, with all the freeway shootings … another one today.) I usually just go on a drive to Parks early on the weekend, with not much traffic. I live off Fort Street which was 35 mph and when they used it as a detour for the Rouge River Bridge while it had repairs for about 18 months, they raised the speed limit to 45 – people go 55, if not more. I worry about them texting and driving, not to mention speeding and going the wrong way. It’s no pleasure to get behind the wheel anymore.

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  4. I did not eat those Good and Plentys because black licorice was never my favorite. I don’t remember a favorite commercial but I still love the Bing candy bars that are made in Sioux City Iowa by the Palmer candy company. If you ever get out this way you need to stop in there and pick some up! They are delicious.

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    1. I know black licorice isn’t for everyone. I wonder if those Bing bars ever make their way here. I do see (and have bought) candy made by the Palmer candy company. I’ll have to watch for them.

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  5. Music and memories. Funny how the two go hand and hand. Just a few notes can instantly transport you to a different time in your life. As far as candy jingles I will always remember ” How many licks does it take to get to the toostie roll center of a tootsie pop? “

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    1. They are bits of black licorice covered in a hard candy (pink and white) coating. According to the link they were created in 1893 and are one of the oldest U.S. branded candies.


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