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Since writing about idioms I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the things people say and their use of idioms. This week our idiom comes courtesy of my husband. It is his goose is cooked .

According to Idioms at the Free one’s goose is cooked means:

1. One is thoroughly defeated, ruined, or finished.

2. One is facing inescapable punishment for some trouble one is in or has caused.

At the I learned that the origin of this phrase is uncertain. They tell us: The origin of the expression goose is cooked is not really known; many stories that are not based in fact currently circulate on the internet. The most likely origin of the popular saying goose is cooked is the Aesop fable about the goose that laid the golden egg. In the story, greedy people are not content to wait for the goose to lay its golden eggs; they kill the goose in order to obtain the golden eggs immediately in order to have a lot of money all at once, and they find they have ruined their source of good fortune. However, even this origin story is dubious, because the famous phrase goose is cooked did not come into popular use until the mid-1800s. 

Whatever the case I hope you do not find yourself in a situation where “Your goose is cooked.”

Have you ever used this phrase?

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