This Week’s Idiom

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The hens preening themselves before going the coop at night.

Our idiom this week is on the ball – a phrase I found myself using this week while talking to my daughter. tells us that on the ball means:

alert to new trends, ideas, and methods

knowledgeable and competent

alert, in command of senses, attentive

understands the situation well

quick to understand and react to a situation

(Yes my daughter was on the ball 🙂 )

They also tell us: This phrase originated in sports, specifically in ball games where the players were asked to keep their “eyes on the ball.” The current usage of the expression began in the 1900s and it is a shorter version of the original term, ‘keep your eye on the ball.’ This phrase is first seen in sports, such as baseball, cricket, and golf. The oldest citation in prints dates back to 1864. Source:

Do you use this phrase?

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Idiom

      1. The good ol’ days – my mom had lots of idioms, some very funny. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist” or “don’t get your panties in a bundle” are two more that come to mind.

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