11 thoughts on “Fall Photos

  1. The colors are starting to change on the mountain too. But with the wind and rains lately the leaves are falling fast. Hopefully the weather improves or we may have a short autumn season.

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    1. Our weather has been rainy but still warm. I think it’s suppose to stay warm and dry this week. Good thing because we have a new chicken coop to get painted. It will be nice to be outside doing that. We also have to get garlic planted and start putting up fire wood so more than a week of nice weather would be good.


    1. It was quite a sight to see that big flock of turkeys when I came around the corner. I’m not really sure if we have many turkey hunters around here. It seems like most hunters are out for deer nowadays.

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      1. I would be surprised too. At least the turkeys are okay to eat (that bird disease is not happening anymore) but there were some deer discovered to have disease from something called a “midge fly” – I heard it on the news today.

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      2. Doesn’t your son in law hunt turkey? I still know several Michigan turkey hunters. Holly and her brothers love to hunt turkey. And so do Jeremy and Austin. If that flock becomes a nuisance let me know.

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