Plant Identification – Can You Help?

I know some of my readers are gardeners and plant lovers so today I am asking for your help to identify a plant that my husband so lovingly brought home for me.

Before I show it to you I want to share the cute story of how it became mine. During a recent visit to the farm store my husband noticed these unique plants in the garden section out in front of the store. There were three of this particular plant and the sign said $5.00 each. My husband selected one of the plants and took it inside. As he was walking in another man with 5 of those plants in his cart had just finished paying and was leaving the store. He stopped my husband and said “I just bought all of those. You can’t have that.” When my husband explained that there were three left outside the man showed him on his receipt that he had paid for the five in his cart plus the three that remained (including the one my husband had in his hand). He had paid half price for all of them.

Not to be deterred my husband pleaded with the other man “let me have just one. I want to give it to my wife. She would love it.” Eventually the man relented choosing the smallest and least healthy looking of the bunch and handing it to my husband. My husband handed him $5 (full price) and wished him a nice day.

I love the plant almost as much as I love what my husband did to get it for me. The problem is that there was no tag in the container telling me the name of the plant or anything else about it. Thus I’m asking for your help. Do you know the name of this plant?

I did a quick internet search for “plants that look like caterpillars” but only came up with photos of caterpillars on plants.

Other questions I have are: what are the growing requirements for this plant – does it like full sun or partial shade? Does it require a lot of water or just a little? I’m also not sure if it would be best to plant it outdoors this fall and see if it will survive our winter or if I should over winter it in the house and plant it out next spring. If you are familiar with this plant please tell me what you know about it.

28 thoughts on “Plant Identification – Can You Help?

  1. I enjoyed the story and the plant is really pretty Ruth. Your hubby’s a sweetie … first the ORV, now the plant. He’s a keeper. I read to see what it was … I would have said “Lamb’s Tail” as I had that one year in a pot and it looked similar. I’ve only seen Celosia in yellow or red and very short, so I would not have been any help at all.

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  2. That’s part of the celosia family, I believe it would be Asian Garden Celosia. If it is, it’s an annual but does seed well. It likes sunlight.

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