Alive and Kicking

Hello and welcome!

It’s been over three weeks since I my last post. This has been the longest period in between posts since I started this blog in May of 2015. Even though I am still dealing with pain and numbness in my right arm, due to a pinched nerve, I think it’s time to start writing again or at least let readers know I’m still alive and kicking (click the link for the idiom reference).

Here’s some bits and pieces from the last three weeks.


To address my pinched nerve I have continued to receive chiropractic adjustments twice a week, I have been doing daily exercises or stretches and taking some supplements to help relieve the pain. I have been able to maintain most of my regular activities. Sitting at my computer is still the most painful activity. In fact, right now my computer has literally become a laptop and I am sitting in my recliner while I tap away at the keys. Sleeping has also been difficult. I can usually find one position that is comfortable but when I need to change positions it usually takes a while to find another comfortable position. The other activity that I’ve not been doing is crocheting – thankfully I I was not planning on crocheting Christmas gifts this year.

I have come to accept that this condition is probably the result of decades of bad posture, and it is going to take some time to correct. There is NO quick fix. Meanwhile I’m managing.

Weather Report

Our weather has been like a roller coaster ride. We have had days that are warm and sunny, some that are rainy, on a couple of days we have gotten 2-3 inches of snow that has melted over the next day or two. We even had a windstorm that knocked out our electricity for about 15 hours on Saturday/Sunday.

Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is just over a week away and I’m getting really excited. I have been spending a great deal of my time making Christmas gifts. It’s a good thing that most of the recipients don’t live with me because I would probably just give them out as I finished each one (like I did with my husband) then have nothing to give on Christmas.

I made my husband these boxer shorts, and when I had them finished I couldn’t wait to give them to him. I was so happy to find out that they fit perfectly, and he loves them.

The rest of my homemade gifts this year are also things that I have sewn. At the time of this writing, besides the boxers, I have 7 items that I have completed and only one more to do. Of course, I won’t be posting pictures of those projects until after Christmas because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for those who will receive them.

It was a warm day in the first week of December when we went to the farm to pick out our Christmas tree. We walked the perimeter of the back field then up the west property line toward the front, the two areas where most of our spruce trees are planted. We examined each tree, looking at things like its size and shape, as well as how straight its trunk was, and did it have a lot of dry needles.

The Norway spruce that we selected was one of the last ones we looked at. One of my favorite things about this tree is how its branches reach upward as if in joy or praise. I think it is a quite cheery tree.

I’m also getting excited about the New Year. Normally I don’t get very excited about the New Year – it’s just something that happens but last weekend my husband and I were doing some shopping and I spotted this 2022 wall calendar with my verse on it.

I couldn’t resist buying it and am now looking forward to hanging it in my kitchen.

Thanks for visiting.

What have you been up to? Are you looking forward to Christmas?

18 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking

  1. I sure hope your therapy helps your pain, it certainly can be annoying. Glad to see your post again. Yep, those are some special boxer shorts for sure. The way the prices are so high on cloths right now we might all need to sew our own soon. I used to but in need of another used sewing machine.
    I enjoyed thinking of ideas, buying, and making cookies as gifts this year. I have two little grandkids in FL, now which is exciting to buy for. I did get to see them just before Thanksgiving for a long weekend, it was the greatest since I haven’t been there since 2018. I will go back each year no matter what.
    I miss this year buying for my daughter in law who passed of Covid in June at age of 38 yrs. My son & her were together for 23 years but he’s doing ok. I will always make of point to see him often, he lives and works in Midland.
    I have plans in “2022” to find supplement income to my SSI, hopefully in photography or crafts. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I love following Cathy on Facebook and her new place. Take care….

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    1. Thanks Rebecca. Fabric can be pricey too – I try to catch sales. I just finished my last project today so I might get time to do some baking this week.
      I’m glad you got to spend some time with the grand kids. They are such a blessing and grow up so fast.
      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law. Missing loved ones can make the holidays difficult. I think your son will appreciate your visits.
      I wish you many blessings for Christmas and in the New Year Rebecca.


  2. Glad you are back in the saddle again Ruth and boy have you been productive! I love the print on hubby’s boxer shorts! Yes, our Mitten state weather has been fitful – Mother Nature seems to be conflicted on how the weather should be looks like overnight she has decided it should resemble Winter. My next-door neighbor has two magnolia bushes – both have buds (but no flowers – I keep checking). Rest and heal up quickly Ruth!

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      1. That’s amazing Ruth. I hope it doesn’t mess either of them up in the Spring. I guess today’s sleety mess did them in for this year. I wonder what will happen to the bulbs in the Spring? No it is not good and I have never seen such bizarre weather before.

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  3. Back pain is no joke and recovery takes a long time. Continued prayers for you. You sewing projects are turning out beautiful. Those boxers came out perfect. The fabric choice really suits Dom and your pattern matching is spot on !!


  4. Glad you are back. We are having a Christmas this year. We haven’t had a “proper” one for a few years due to illness, work and last year we were readying to move home. Lenny hasn’t experienced a Christmas yet so I am looking forward to showing him what it’s all about. I have noticed that Santa has failed to show up yet which leaves me wondering if I have been a good boy in the last 12 months. I hope so.


    1. Thanks Dexter. So glad you are going to have a nice celebration this year. Don’t worry Santa is not due for over a week yet. I’m sure, like Ranger, you and Lenny have been as good as you can be. πŸ™‚

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  5. It’s lovely to have you back, but I’m sorry writing is so painful for you. Despite your pain, you were able to make all the Christmas gifts! Wow!

    We are looking forward to a low-key Christmas, having had lots of whirlwind activity for three weeks while daughter Lise was here. There are a number of church services we will go to. David and John are in the choir, so they will be there to lead, while I will only worship.

    I hope you have a blessed Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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    1. Thanks Anne. It’s nice to be back. Reading and writing while sitting in the recliner isn’t the worst thing πŸ™‚ . After the holiday shopping madness is over I think I will look for a better desk chair. Right now it’s easier to do activities where I move around a lot and am changing positions often because the pain then comes and goes but when I sit still if I am in a bad position the pain is constant.
      I’m glad you had time to celebrate with your family – how much fun that must have been.
      I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas too Anne.

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