What I Really Want for Christmas

This post shared by a fellow blogger expresses my feelings so well that I needed to share it. The only change would be to sign it – Love MOM.

Mitch Teemley

My wife and I have reached that stage where we have to “share” our kids with their significant others’ families at Christmas. OK, OK, technically I suppose “their” families have just as much right to them as we do. But “their” families could at least have had the courtesy of relocating to our statecity neighborhood (preferably next door). Anyway, the point is: our time with them is becoming increasingly limited and, therefore, more precious than ever, although this year will at least beat last year’s Merry Zoom-mas (“Hold your gift up to the camera so we can see it!”). So, faux curmudgeonlyness aside, when I read the following, it struck a major dad-chord with me:

What I Want for Christmas

~ Always and forever ~


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9 thoughts on “What I Really Want for Christmas

    1. I think many parents of adult children feel this way. Some of my best moments are when my daughters call to ask me a question (something they could have googled), or to ask my opinion or to vent or even just to catch up.

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  1. Totally understand this….I have one son in retail and haven’t had an Christmas with him since 2005 and when he moved to FL. in retail till this day. I’m thankful for the ipone/facetime now. I hope to spend winters in FL. one day.


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