New Arrivals

This morning my husband received a call from the farm store – the shipment of black Jersey giant chicks was in. He was soon on his way to pick up our six chicks.

When we put the new ones in the brooder, the chicks we brought home on Friday no longer looked so tiny.

Though only a few days older the white Jersey giants are about double the size of the black ones.

It was interesting to watch them get acquainted.

The bigger birds kept pecking the beaks of the smaller ones.

I’m not sure what they were saying, just establishing the pecking order perhaps.

Ranger also wanted to get acquainted. I am sure he has no idea that these little things will someday become part of the flock he has become so friendly with at the farm.

I dipped all the beaks in their water and these little ones were eating and drinking within an hour of being in their new home. We now have this year’s dirty dozen.

12 thoughts on “New Arrivals

    1. Different breeds are known to have different temperaments. We usually choose breeds that are more docile but there is still a pecking order. We see it mostly when they are going into the coop at night. Those who are higher in the pecking order will be on the higher roosts. We also have had some Rhode Island Reds that would chase some of the other hens away and not let them go into the coop. When they are outside and have plenty of space to roam we don’t see a problem. Roosters area different story they tend to be very competitive with each other. That’s why we only keep one rooster.


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