Another Sewing Project

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Buttonholes, collar stand, placards, interfacing, French seams, pleats and top stitching all in one project. If nothing else it was a learning experience. I took my time and read the directions carefully and tried to follow them. After two failed attempts at attaching the collar stand I found an online video tutorial to assist me. After I finally got it on I called my sister and said “I HATE COLLAR STANDS!” She laughed before offering encouraging words. “I don’t cuss often,” I told her “but in my mind I was.”

At last, it’s finished. The fit is decent and from a distance it doesn’t look too bad.

I do like the combination of fabrics.

It will be nice for working around the house or farm or perhaps even sitting around a campfire on a summer evening.

Thanks for visiting.

17 thoughts on “Another Sewing Project

  1. How did I not comment on this? I love the combination of fabrics, they pair really nicely together. Buttonholes and collar stands are definitely advanced techniques. They definitely take practice and finding what works for you. Some people won’t even attempt them so its awesome that you challenge yourself with new techniques. To me having a good fit is the most important. We are always our own worst critics. Other people don’t notice the flaws like we do. But if the fit is off we won’t ever wear it. I say wear it proudly. It looks really nice.

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  2. Wow – that looks complicated Ruth, but I like the finished product, especially the back yoke matching the front trim. Very nice and it looks comfy to wear anywhere as we shed our heavy clothing and opt for lighter clothing (yay).

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      1. It looked great to me Ruth, but practice makes perfect. Collars are difficult to do – that’s for sure and you turn out the collars and push out the corners and many times, I’d be trying to make the collar tips square using one end of the seam ripper and would push break the seam and have to cut out and make another collar!

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      2. I was carful when turning out the collar but getting the collar stand on had me stumped. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the instructions. You can’t tell in the pictures but the top stitching is not perfect and for some reason my automatic button holes didn’t turn out very good.

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      3. You’re like I was … critical of your work, but you can save this one for every day then, like you said working at the farm and make another one for good and it will work out all the better next time. Collars are difficult and buttonholes too … I used to think when making them “I hope this doesn’t have to get washed too many times as the buttonholes may not last.”

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