Heaven Smiled At Me

It was shortly after 3:00 A.M when I heard Ranger stirring. I quickly got out of bed and slipped on my robe, hoping to relieve my husband of his early morning chore of letting Ranger out to go potty. After I let Ranger out, I used the restroom and got a drink of water. When I returned to let Ranger back in, he had not yet come back on the deck so decided to see if I could hurry him along. As I stepped outside my attention was immediately drawn to a bright white cloud in the sky. The only cloud visible, it was thin but stretched across much of the eastern expanse. While the top of the cloud looked flat the bottom edge was curved – hanging low in the center but curving upward on both ends. A smile from heaven I thought.

I then turned to my right to look for Ranger in the courtyard. In doing so I noticed many stars, shining in the dark sky; some were bright, some were faint, and some I viewed between the bare branches of the tall trees behind our home, looking as if they were a string of white lights woven amongst the tree branches.

I thought to myself, “What a Wonderful World”.

21 thoughts on “Heaven Smiled At Me

  1. There is so much beauty in nature–sometimes I just watch the clouds or the sunset and think the same thing–what a wonderful world. Nature has a way of taking our minds off our troubles:-)

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  2. I think the greatest gift is being aware that God’s beauty is everywhere every moment in nature and in other people and choosing to enjoy the blessing. Your gift is sharing the moment for the rest of us to enjoy. 💖

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