Moving Day and More

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Tuesday afternoon the sun came out and the weather warmed up. It was a good day to move the chicks to the farm.

My husband had set up this small, temporary enclosure near the coop. The sides are made with 24-inch chicken wire to keep the chicks in and then netting is put over the top to keep overhead predators out.

He gave them food and water and left the crate in case they needed shelter.

They seemed happy.

He also sectioned off a small area inside the coop for them to spend their nights. (I didn’t get a picture of that.)

Ranger (on the other side of the pen) was quite curious about them. I’m sure he still does not realize that these critters will grow into chickens like the ones that roam around the farm. After being told to leave the babies alone and that he could not get in their enclosure he decided to move on.

He knew there was a rabbit hiding in the rock pile, so he spent a lot of the afternoon trying to flush that bunny.

You should see how fast that tail is wagging.

Despite his best efforts the rabbit stayed put.

The cabbage seedlings that my husband started a few weeks back are doing well. Since it’s too early for planting we put them in bigger pots and then put them in the small hoop house my husband set up (sorry I didn’t get a picture of the hoop house).

Other seedlings were started a bit later than the cabbage but are most, if not all, have sprouted.

They include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, parsley, petunias and believe it or not stinging nettle. I have been trying to establish a stinging nettle bed for some years now but for some reason the few plants I have do not spread. This year I purchased some seed and will start a bed in a new location. If you think I’ve lost my mind you can check out this article which explains both the nutritional and medicinal benefits of nettle. They are a very healthy herb.

These seedlings will remain in the house for a while yet while they continue to grow and temperatures continue to warm up.

I did a bit of clean up in the prayer garden on Tuesday. Our daffodils and other flowers are taking their time. No flowers yet, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. We often get late spring frosts and freezes which can be detrimental to anything that flowers early.

While I am awaiting the first blooms of spring, I am thrilled that the geranium that I over-wintered in my living room has begun to blossom.

Its bright pink flowers make me smile.

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26 thoughts on “Moving Day and More

  1. All looking good Ruth. Good luck with the nettles, l always found the best results was to first grow in a pot then once establish transfer to loose but richly mulched soils.


  2. What a bright springy post. We had weekend snow again and back to 70. I hung the hummingbird feeders yesterday. They will be hungry when they return. I hope your nettle seed does well. Randy planted asparagus seed ( which i didn’t know was possible) and he has beautiful little asparagus plants waiting to go in the ground. I bought a chocolate mint and a strawberry mint yesterday at the greenhouse. I loved our chocolate mint tea we used to make. My strawberries are absolutely beautiful, full of blooms and nice healthy plants. Looking forward to the sweet goodness of those berries ๐Ÿ’ž

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    1. Wow! Sounds like you are fully emersed in spring. ENJOY! I knew asparagus would grow from seed because I have seen some of ours produce seedlings. We have always bough crowns for planting though. Yum fresh strawberries!


  3. You have been productive Ruth and those chicks sure grew since we last saw them. Good thing you have a safe place to keep your sprouts until it warms up and quits raining. Ranger made me smile trying to flush out the bunny!


      1. Yes, the price of everything this year too. Congrats also on growing the geranium. I may have mentioned to you that I used to ride the bus with a woman who overwintered her geraniums in a dark closet and pulled them out in the Spring to get them “ready” for the front yard. She did that for years with her geraniums.


      2. I had read about over wintering geraniums like that but never tried. Probably would have forgot them. LOL. My sister had kept a couple growing indoors over winter so I decided to try with this one. It was very happy all winter. when it gets warmer it will go out on the deck.

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