Best Bees

Yesterday when my husband was doing some work with the bees, he called and asked me to share this message for him on my blog.

“The Carniolan honey bees (which are the breed we are raising this year) are the nicest bees.” In the past we have raised other breeds of bees and have found varying degrees of aggressiveness when working in the hives. He has not experienced any aggressiveness while working with these. According to this site their temperament is only one of the favorable traits of the Carniolan bees, but for us much of that remains to be seen. At this point we are pleased with our decision to keep this breed and if they survive though winter we will be thrilled.

13 thoughts on “Best Bees

  1. I am sure that you and Dom are glad to have less high strung bees. I hope that they live a long time. What do you do to help them survive Michigan’s winter weather?

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    1. We have tried different ways of protecting them in the past. For the last couple of years he has just put up a windbreak around the hives and tried to make sure they had adequate (top) ventilation. Moisture in the hives will kill them.

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  2. That’s great – you don’t want to worry about attacks from the bees. You will get some awesome honey this year – at least honey is not dependent upon the whims of Mother Nature (or is it?)

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    1. We have had breeds of bees in the past that are very defensive of their hives so these are a real joy for him to work with. Oh yes honey is dependent on nectar from flowers and they feed pollen to their young. With everything blossoming late this year we had to make sure they at least had had food (we feed them honey not sugar water) when we first got them this spring.

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      1. Now I think I remember you might have said in one of our posts where you showed how things were coming along, including the chicks, how you fed them due to a late Spring start. It certainly didn’t feel like Spring today! We didn’t break that record of 95 they hoped we’d break and thankfully we dodged thos bad storms the other night.

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