Who’s Guarding the Cherries?

Last winter my husband bought this fake owl in hopes that it would deter starlings from seeking shelter in our chicken coop. It did not work. The starlings were persistent, and he thought the owl was a waste of money.

Two days ago, when I mentioned that the robins were stealing our cherries, he brought the owl home and staged it near the cherry tree. I’m happy to report the owl is now paying off.

15 thoughts on “Who’s Guarding the Cherries?

  1. Aha – here is where I read about the robins stealing the cherries. When I’m really far behind in Reader, in scrolling down, I’ll stop to read a few words, then go to where I left off, but come back later and read it all. I’m so frustrated with robins. In April, I went outside one morning – dried grass on the mailbox – looked up, nest fixin’s. Just the beginning so I took the kitchen wastecan bags out of the package and put the box in the elbow of the coach light out front. Looked great – not. But I thought it would keep further nest-building at bay. Nope – robin built another nest on top of it – cemented it with mud to the box (no eggs). Put a second box up there, so picture two boxes with a mostly-finished mud-covered nest in between. Looked great – beyond great. Then the handyman cleaned the gutters last Monday – pulled the nest down for me as I thought INCORRECTLY they were done with babies for the year. Nope – next morning I went out to walk – next fixings on the porch and laying on the mailbox. Got a new box to put up there. Tomorrow the handyman comes to put something permanent there which he says you cannot see from the street. It has to look better than the box(es).

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    1. Well the owl worked for about 5 days. Then the robins (these are young ones) returned. Most of the cherries are ripe and I picked a bunch yesterday then told my neighbor to come over and pick today. I might pick again tomorrow but then the rest (ones we can’t reach) will be left for the birds.

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      1. They’ll be lucky birds then. The handyman was here today and suggested a netting over the lamp – I said “birds will catch their toenails in netting and get trapped, so not a good idea.” I’m going to try getting balloons and putting them in the “elbow” like Diane recommended to me – she has the same issue.

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    1. The owl worked for about 5 days then the young robins get brave. If there are any left that I can reach I will pick them tomorrow. I made one pie and think I have enough for five or six more. It’s been a great year for cherries. Enjoy your jam and pie.

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