Rehydrating Potatoes and Our Garden Meal

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We dehydrated a second batch of potatoes over the weekend. This time rather than slicing them we decided to do shredded potatoes – like would cook up into hashbrowns. After peeling them my husband boiled them until they were nearly done. He then used the food processor with the shredding blade to cut them up. It took about 6 hours at 125 degrees in the dehydrator to dry them.

We packaged the shredded dehydrated potatoes in two-ounce packages.

I had found instructions online that said when rehydrating vegetables, a rule of thumb was to use two parts water to one part vegetable so that’s where I started. I’m not sharing the link because I found out it was inaccurate.

I put the dehydrated potatoes in a metal bowl on the scale. It read 1.9 ounces.

I then reset the scale to zero and added twice as much boiling water as I had potatoes – 3.8 ounces. (I know the scale says 3.9 – .1 ounce over is acceptable.) Hot or boiling water speeds up the rehydration process. I stirred the potatoes and water together and found that once all of the water was absorbed some of the potatoes were still too dry. I again zeroed out the scale and added another 1.9 ounces of water.

I again stirred the mixture and once all of the water was absorbed I had perfectly rehydrated potatoes to make into hashbrowns.

I learned that in order to rehydrate these potatoes I need a 1:3 ratio of potatoes to water.

I put some butter in the cast iron skillet and cooked up these wonderful hashbrowns that tasted as fresh as if I had just dug the potatoes.

It was a breakfast for dinner night, so I cooked up a garden omelet to go with the hashbrowns and sausage. It’ not pretty but it was delicious.

I started, of course, with farm fresh eggs. Added some sautéed Swiss chard, a diced banana pepper, a diced jalapeno pepper and a diced tomato. I then topped it with American cheese which did not come from our farm but was the perfect finishing touch.


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27 thoughts on “Rehydrating Potatoes and Our Garden Meal

  1. Hi Ruth – I heard this on the radio. You should take your ORV and take a little time off (if you can spare it in this busy canning etc. season)
    Free ORV Weekend is coming up Aug. 20-21. Residents and out-of-state visitors can ride DNR-designated routes and trails without purchasing an ORV license or trail permit. For more info, visit
    #MiDNR #MiStateParks #Michigan #OffRoad


      1. I thought that might be the case Ruth, but decided to pass it along to you just in case. I just hopped on their site and they have two free ORV weekends a year – the other one is in mid-June. Next year, save the site info, pencil it in – it will work better with your produce schedule. 🙂

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      2. I had no idea how much it was for a license Ruth. I follow DNR on Twitter for new info about park events, etc. They just had this post:
        If you like off roading, you can do it for free this weekend on MI routes and trails. Normally, you’d have to pay $36.25 for a license and trail permit.
        #PureMichigan (photo credit-MI DNR)


      3. I really enjoy just riding around our place – not only is there the cost of the license it is also expensive to put it on a trailer and tow it to wherever I was going to ride with gas prices nowadays I like my staycations even more.

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      1. I have been splitting my time between the farm and the kitchen – much to do in both places. Today I be canning tomatoes then likely finish pruning bushes or cutting grass this evening. Have a great Sunday Linda!

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      2. You were lucky if the rain held off all day today then Ruth so you could cut the lawn. We never got a drop of rain as far as I know. I decided since it was to “pour off and on” I would spend time doing some much-needed housework. Guess you did not have the burst water pipe/boil water issue at the house or the farm then (thank goodness)

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      3. I would have rather had rain. The outside stuff could wait but we didn’t get any. Looks like we are going right back into a dry spell. No, we are not on city water up here. Did it effect you?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. No I was lucky I was spared too. I heard it may take 14 days to have the complete water as before, 7 days for the pipe to get here and another 7 days to test it. That’s rough. They are going to be providing bottled water to residents at least to make it easier.

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