Planting Garlic 2022

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If you are thinking about planting garlic and live in northern parts of the US or Canada, it’s time to plant. We planted ours this week.

The sky was blue and temperatures warm as we arrived at the farm Tuesday (October 11) afternoon to plant garlic. With rain in the forecast for Wednesday and temperatures cooling after that, Tuesday was our best opportunity to complete this task and it was a great day to “play in the dirt”.

We had about 330 cloves to plant. A bit more than last year but nowhere near the up to 8000 we have planted in previous years. I had split the bulbs into cloves the day before.

My husband had prepared the ground earlier in the day and laid out the line for our first row. The soil was like dust. I don’t ever remember it being so dry when we planted garlic. According to the US drought monitor map we are in a moderate drought.

Long time followers will likely remember how we use the lattice as a grid for planting our rows. We plant the spaces that have four across and leave empty the ones that have three across. Our lattice panels are 2 ft. by 8 ft. We can plant 64 cloves spaced 6 inches apart in each panel.

Ranger and Ruby ran around and played in the area as we worked. They are such good dogs.

It only took about an hour to get the planting done. I was surprised at how quickly we were finished. We decided to wait to mulch it hoping it would get a little rain first.

As we finished this task there was still time to enjoy some of this beautiful day. πŸ™‚

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16 thoughts on “Planting Garlic 2022

  1. Well I’m a little behind, so did we get some rain after you planted and didn’t mulch? I know if you still didn’t mulch, the rain from the past four days would help. I had a few snow flurries this morning and rain with snow mixed in a few days this week, but this weekend is flip flop weather. Time for a final dip in the pond. πŸ™‚ Your poochs always look happy … what a good fit Ranger and Ruby area.

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    1. We have not mulched it yet so yes, the garlic got some rain this week. I am looking forward to this weekend but I don’t plan on going in the pond. πŸ™‚ Ruby is perfect for Ranger – they have become great friends.

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  2. A question about soap. I was given a lovely bar of handmade soap. The bar is quite large, and I’d like to cut it in half. Is there an easy way to do that? I hope you don’t mind my asking, but you are the only expert I know.

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    1. I would use a large butcher knife with the soap placed on a cutting board and just press straight down on the knife. If the soap is soft enough it should cut fine. If it’s a very hard bar it might crack into several pieces. I don’t mind at all Anne. I just hope it works for you.


      1. Excellent! I got up as soon as I read this and whacked the bar in half. Only one tiny sliver broke off. I am very pleased with the smaller size and will enjoy both halves at a leisurely pace.

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  3. Wow, really quick planting. You two have it down to a science. Looks like it was a glorious day. Im glad you got to enjoy it.Now you can look forward to those delicious garlic scapes next year.

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    1. We work really well together and have mastered it. Less than half the garlic that we planted are hardnecks that will produce scapes. The rest are a softneck variety that for some reason seem to be our best growers.


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