Easy Pickled Garlic

As we finished one of the jars of refrigerator dill pickles that I made earlier this year my husband and I each ate one of the garlic cloves that were in the bottom of the jar. That pickled garlic was so good that I decided to make some more.

I used the brine and dill that were already in the jar and just peeled a bunch of garlic cloves to add to it. These cloves will now bath in that brine in the frig for and in a couple of weeks we will have more delicious, pickled garlic. YUMM!

Have you ever reused pickle brine/juice?

13 thoughts on “Easy Pickled Garlic

  1. I’ve read that drinking “pickle juice,” i.e., the brine from pickling, is good for you. And since yours is homemade, you know what’s in it, so when you’re done with the garlic, you could try that. It’s supposed to help people who get muscle cramps.

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    1. That is interesting. I do struggle with nighttime muscle cramps (a symptom of my Parkinsons disease) and am always looking for natural ways of treating. Some things that help come with other side effects, so I might just pickle juice a try. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. Hi Ruth – I heard this on the radio today and will leave a comment on my site from yesterday’s post about the Edmund Fitzgerald in case you don’t see this. Is your husband interested in the Edmund Fitzgerald. This guy, a former reporter, dove down to the wreckage, wrote a book – interesting interview and a story is on PBS tomorrow night – if you don’t get PBS, you can stream it online. I watch other PBS shows like “All Creatures Great and Small” online. Here is the article and interview.

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      1. Didn’t want to inundate you with info on it Ruth, but I thought you and your husband might be interested in the story and maybe the PBS program too. Glad you read it tonight in case you want to watch the show.

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