Monthly Inspiration (From the Calendar)

My husband and I went shopping today and one of our stops was Hobby Lobby to buy my 2023 wall calendar. This year’s calendar is called Songbirds of Faith. Each month will have a lovely bird and a scripture verse. Welcome to January.

From my 2023 wall calendar.

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26 thoughts on “Monthly Inspiration (From the Calendar)

  1. Lovely Calendar! I too love birds!
    There is a picture of a cheesecake in the header of your post! At first I thought you bought a cheesecake at Hobby Lobby!
    Happy New Year!

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    1. Thanks Nancy and thank you for telling me about the cheesecake picture. I don’t see it and didn’t intentionally put it there. I had just put that picture in my drafts for a future post so the cheesecake comment was pretty disturbing. Thank you again for cluing me in now I will try to figure out how it got there.

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  2. Looks like you found a lovely calendar. I hadn’t purchased one yet and our local newspaper included one with the paper this week. Printed on newsprint, it has pictures each month of events that happened in town last year. I thought it really cool. I remember always getting a free calendar at the bank each year. I didn’t know anyone still gave them out. I love the simple things here that take me back in time.

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      1. I have always liked birds Ruth – I fed the birds outside for years and we had parakeets and canaries over the years, long a source of joy in our small household. I’ll look forward to seeing each month’s bird and passage.

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      1. Ok – Nancy solved the mystery. I don’t know how the cheesecake picture shower up in my header – I had just put it in my draft folder for a future post so your comment was very puzzling. I’ll post about the cheesecake later, but it did come from a store called Gordon’s Food Service – not sure if they have any stores in your area.


      2. WP has a “featured photo” selection. IDK what it looks like in that damn block editor but, I know where it is in the legacy editor. I have never used it because I consider any and all photos I post are “features”, as far as I am concerned.

        Are you using the legacy editor or the dreaded Gutenberg editor (I despise that thing…)?

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      3. Aha! I figured out what happened. I do use block editor but don’t know if that makes a difference in this case. I have never used the “featured image/photo” selection either but apparently if you don’t set a featured photo WP choses one for you. When I was creating this post I added the cheesecake photo to my media library even though I didn’t plan to use it in this post. Apparently WP, in all of its wisdom, or lack thereof, decided it should be the featured photo. Thanks for the clue.
        I have learned to use the block editor but find it to be more work than the legacy. Don’t understand why in the world they changed it.


      4. IDK, either. I am an old web programmer and prefer to hack out my own code. That block editor is a jacked up mess. It didn’t exist when I started blogging in 2009. I will NEVER use it.

        What plan are you using? I used be on the Premium Plan but, it didn’t have plug-ins. I upgraded to the Pro Plan (does not exist anymore) and it was a gi-hugic nightmare. WP gave me some large credits and I upgraded, again, to a Business Plan. With that, I will never have to use that block mess.

        When I was still on the Premium Plan, I had a conversation with a “happiness engineer” and requested to have the “Classic Editor” on the drop-down toggle. They obliged. It seems to me that, if you are a paying customer, you should get your requests fulfilled. Just a suggestion but, try to contact help and ask them if you can have the plug-in turned on. If you are on a Business Plan, the plug-in is already there.


      5. That “block” that says “classic editor” is not what I am talking about. You are still in the block editor and they are providing a “classic editor block.” It is not the same thing as the real classic editor. The classic editor is just a blank page where you start typing. When you go to make a post, the classic editor just says “Add New.” In the Premium Plan, before they shoved everyone into the block editor, there was a drop down box on the Posts page, where you could choose which way you wanted to post…block editor or classic editor. That got shut off at some point in late 2022.

        I’d still ask a “happiness engineer” to give you the Classic Post/Classic Editor drop down menu (giving you the choice of either way). They gave it to me when I asked but…since they shifted to Gutenberg in 2022, they might not. I couldn’t hurt to ask.


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